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[1]. Israel online investment platform pagaya plans to list in the United States through spac

On April 22, 2021, pagaya, an Israeli financial technology platform, announced that it plans to list in the United States with a valuation of US $8 billion through spac mode. However, the company is also considering the possibility of listing through traditional IPO. Founded in 2016, pagaya uses machine learning and data analysis to manage investments, focusing on fixed income and alternative credit markets. Since its establishment, pagaya has raised a total of US $221 million.

[2]. South Korea’s Finance Commission is investigating the status quo of cryptocurrency investment of relevant staff

South Korean financial authorities are immediately checking the staff’s cryptocurrency investment. Before May 7, the financial committee will receive a report on the status of cryptocurrency investment from the staff of the Ministry of financial innovation and other departments related to the cryptocurrency policy. According to the capital market law, the investment in stocks by the staff of the financial authority is strictly restricted, but there is no other law applicable to the investment in cryptocurrency. On the contrary, according to the internal regulations of the financial committee, employees who have job-related cryptocurrency cannot use the unpublished information related to cryptocurrency obtained in the course of performing their duties to invest in cryptocurrency. If you have cryptocurrency, you have the obligation to report to the chairman of finance. It is reported that the financial committee will also issue a circular to departments that do not directly manage cryptocurrency, requiring them not to trade. Earlier, South Korea’s financial regulatory authority issued a “restraining order” requiring internal employees to ban investment in cryptocurrency.

[3]. Brella, a US insurance technology platform, received US $15 million in round a financing

On April 22, 2021, brella, an insurance technology platform in the United States, announced that it would obtain US $15 million in round a financing. This financing is led by brewer Lane venture, and participated by Fidelity security life insurance, Symphony AI, digital ventures, two sigma ventures, New York Life ventures and founder collective. Founded in 2019, brella mainly provides supplementary medical insurance services and has accumulated financing of $22 million.

[4]. It is reported that Indian start-ups are “blocked” by global spac

Recently, India’s finance minister said publicly that Indian companies were still almost completely shut out by spac within nearly a year of relaxing overseas investment regulations and allowing it to acquire and list, according to the report of Pember. Previously, in order to protect investors from the influence of shell companies, Indian officials used punitive taxes to prevent spac investment.

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