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[1]. South Korean payment giant kakao pay has applied for listing, worth at least $9 billion

According to reports, kakao pay, a financial technology subsidiary of kakao, a South Korean mobile social giant, has applied for listing on KRX. Obviously, kakao pay’s move is not in line with market expectations. Previously, the industry generally expected that kakao pay would consider the secondary market, even overseas listing. According to the application documents, kakao pay plans to issue 133 million shares, including 20 million new shares. Considering that the review will take about 45 days, kakao pay may be listed as early as July, even before kakao bank, which submitted its IPO (initial public offering) application on April 15. Analysts predict that the corporate value of kakao pay could reach 10 trillion won (about $9 billion) to 18 trillion won. Before deciding to list on the Korean stock exchange, kakao pay also considered overseas listing options, people familiar with the matter said.

[2]. Sofi cooperates with online education platform coursera to launch financial universal education course

On April 26, 2021, Sofi, a U.S. financial technology startup, announced that it would join hands with coursera, an online education platform, to launch the fundamentals of personal finance specialization. It is reported that this course is divided into five parts: personal finance, future savings, debt management, investment foundation and risk management. Paying users can get all the course content (course videos, activities and reading materials), and can take the exam and get the course certificate. Free users can only access the course content but can’t take the exam.

[3]. Senior White House official: the increase in capital gains tax will only affect the richest 0.3% of the population

The White House has hit back at criticism from Wall Street and Silicon Valley that it plans to raise the capital gains tax on high-income people in the United States, saying that it will only affect “a small part” of free or rent-seeking income in the United States. A senior Biden administration official said that under the plan, only 0.3% of taxpayers in the United States will be subject to higher taxes on their investments, while the wealth of the wealthiest Americans has soared during the epidemic. According to the official, more and more evidence shows that in recent years, many income returns at the top are higher than market returns, rents and so on.

[4]. Zipprecruiter, a recruitment portal, plans to go public directly

Zipprecruiter has filed an application on April 23, 2021, and plans to list directly on the New York Stock Exchange, according to a report by Bloomberg. Zipprecruiter provides platform services for employers and candidates. Since its establishment, more than 2.8 million enterprises and 110 million job seekers have used zipprojuiter. The company says it has been the number one job app on IOS and Android for the past four years.

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