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[1]. Hunter, an Israeli network security startup, received $30 million in round B financing

On August 24, 2021, hunter, an Israeli network security service provider, announced that it had obtained a round B financing of US $30 million. The financing is led by Bessemer venture partners, and the existing investors are YL ventures, Blumberg capital, M12, U.S. venture partners and other institutions. Founded in 2018, hunters mainly provides extended threat detection and response (XDR) services. Under the epidemic situation, with the gradual expansion of remote work coverage, Hunter’s service has become more and more important.

[2]. Sobanhang, an online account book management platform, completed a seed round of financing of US $1.5 million

Recently, Vietnam start-up soban hang announced that it had completed a seed round of financing of US $1.5 million. Investors in this round of financing include FEBE ventures, class 5 gloabl and Kevin P. Ryan, founder of business insider. Founded in April 2021, sobanhang is an online sales and revenue and expenditure management application designed to help small and micro enterprises in Vietnam create online stores, develop online business and conduct efficient and intelligent account book management.

[3]. Facebook is considering building NFT related products and features

It is reported that Facebook is considering building products and functions related to NFT. “We are certainly studying various ways to participate in this field because we think we are in a very favorable position,” David Marcus, a Facebook executive, said in an interview on Tuesday Marcus is responsible for leading the internal development team F2 (Facebook financial) of Novi digital wallet. He said the wallet could be used to store NFT. He did not specify what NFT related products Facebook might develop. Facebook’s digital wallet is “now ready”, but the company has been waiting to launch it until it can be launched with the digital currency Diem. Marcus said Facebook would consider launching a Novi wallet without diem “as a last resort”, but he believed that both were necessary to change people’s payment methods.

[4]. US Treasury signs memorandum of understanding on cyber security cooperation with Singapore Monetary Authority

On August 23, 2021, the US Treasury and the Singapore monetary authority jointly announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding on cyber security cooperation. In the future, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the following areas according to this document, including: 1) information sharing related to the financial sector, such as cyber security regulations and guidelines, cyber security incidents and Cyber Security Threat Intelligence; 2) Staff training and learning visits to promote cooperation in the field of network security; 3) Capacity building activities, such as cross-border cybersecurity exercises.

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