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[1]. The first deputy governor of the French central bank: the CBDC experiment may rewrite the current regulatory framework

Recently, Denis beau, the first vice president of the French central bank, mentioned the ongoing CBDC experiment when talking about financial technology innovation. He stressed the broad nature of the trial and said it could rewrite the current regulatory framework. He also said that the tests were part of the preparations made by the French central bank to achieve the goal of a digital euro, adding that “the ongoing experiments are directly related to the needs of the euro system and, if necessary, prepare to issue CBDC to ensure that the public has access to the funds of the central Bank and to maintain their freedom to choose the payment method and their interest in our currency Confidence. “

[2]. Cleo, an application platform for financial assistant in the UK, has won US $44 million in round B financing

Cleo, a British financial assistant application platform, recently announced that it has obtained 44 million US dollars in round B financing. Global capital and venture capital are leading the investment. Cleo received $10 million in round a financing in 2018. Cleo mainly serves the younger generation of users (gen-z and millennials), of which 96% are located in the United States, with a cumulative scale of 4 million. At present, the platform has not yet achieved profit, but the development momentum is good and the capital support is sufficient.

[3]. European Central Bank Governing Council: if digital euro is introduced, there may be a “new business model”

There is no clear decision on whether Europe will promote the digitization of the euro. But a new statement from the leadership of the European central bank suggests that the agency is looking at the potential impact of the move on markets. Among them, the Council of the European Central Bank pointed out that the euro system is developing towards the possibility of creating digital euro. It was stressed that there would be no intention to deprive the private sector of its role in the provision of payment services, and that on the contrary, the digital euro would provide a possible opportunity for payment services. If this structure is adopted, regulated private intermediaries will be in the best position to provide front-end solutions and ancillary services, and to establish a new business model based on digital euro.

[4]. Swedish open bank venture tink received 85 million euro financing

On December 11, 2020, the Swedish open bank platform pink announced the completion of 85 million euro financing. This financing is jointly led by eurazeo growth and dawn capital, a London B2B software venture capital company, with HMI capital, heartcore, ABN AMRO ventures, Poste Italiane and opera tech ventures, the risk department of BNP Paribas. Just in January 2020, tink just got 90 million euros in financing support. Currently, tink has established contacts with more than 3400 banks. In the future, tink will use this financing to further promote platform growth and European market expansion.

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