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[1]. ISR sends tax advice to cryptocurrency holders

According to globes, Israeli tax authorities are issuing notices to cryptocurrency holders in the country, requiring them to fully disclose their cryptocurrency holdings in order to tax them accordingly. The report further revealed that the tax authorities had issued a notice to several crypto exchanges operating at home and abroad to obtain detailed reports on Israel’s global trading of digital assets.

[2]. Suspected of irresponsible publicity, “buy before pay” service provider klanna has been stopped

On December 23, 2020, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) issued a statement requiring klanna, a “buy before pay” service provider, to stop publishing four advertisements. The statement said that during the first round of the British blockade in April and may this year, klanna invited four Internet celebrities on social media instagram to advertise that “buying clothes and beauty products is a measure to boost people’s spirits during the epidemic”. In response, British MP Stella creasy filed a complaint with ASA, which was eventually adopted. Stella creasy said that klanna’s advertising model is irresponsible, because many people may even face the possibility of losing their jobs under the epidemic, and “calling” for unnecessary consumption may lead to people’s deep debt crisis. In addition, Stella creasy is actively promoting a legislative action to urge the financial conduct authority (FCA) to regulate platforms like klarna. At present, the market value of klarna has reached US $10.65 billion, which is the most valuable financial technology enterprise in Europe. However, such institutions are rarely effectively regulated in the UK. Just two weeks ago, capital one became the first institution to stop “pay before you buy” services on its credit cards, because it believed such transactions would pose “higher risks to both customers and service banks.”.

[3]. Trump threatens to refuse to sign the new crown rescue bill

Later on Tuesday, U.S. President trump threatened to refuse to sign the new $900 billion epidemic relief bill just passed by the U.S. Congress. Trump said the bill included too much foreign aid and limited support for the American people at home. It is reported that this plan was originally packaged in a larger spending bill worth $1.4 trillion, and will provide funds for various government plans in the next nine months.

[4]. Philippines: five institutions propose digital banking license consultation

Recently, Chuchi fonacier, deputy governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines, said that the institution has received five applications for digital banking license, but no one has submitted a formal application. At the end of November 2020, the Central Bank of the Philippines launched a digital banking regulatory framework, which aims to improve the efficiency of banking services in the Philippines and promote the realization of Inclusive Finance. Benjamin E. diokno, governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines, said that the final limit on the total number of digital banks would be set based on the total number of applications finally collected and the assessment of the overall situation of the banking industry.

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