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[1]. Pasar polis, an insurance technology start-up in Indonesia, received US $5 million in financing and IFC participated in the investment

Recently, pasar polis, an insurance technology platform in Indonesia, announced that it will obtain US $5 million in financing and IFC will participate in the investment. Founded in 2015, pasar polis is committed to providing low-cost and reliable insurance services for the public. At present, about 30 million Indonesian residents have purchased the insurance services of pasar polis, 90% of which are the first time to purchase insurance services. Since its establishment, pasarpolis has received financial support from SBI funds, leapfrog investments, alphajwc, intudo ventures and Xiaomi. In the future, pasar polis plans to use this financing to continue to develop the insurance market in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand.

[2]. Payoneer, a cross-border payment start-up, is listed through the restructuring of SPAC

Recently, payoneer, a cross-border payment company, announced that it has reached a merger agreement with the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) ftac Olympus acquisition Corp. The restructured platform will be renamed payoner global Inc., with a valuation of $3.3 billion. Founded in New York in 2005, payoner is committed to building a payment transaction ecosystem that connects banks, suppliers and markets. At present, payoner has accumulated US $270 million in venture capital, the most recent of which was US $180 million in round e investment led by TCV in 2016.

[3]. Digital bank revolut will allow employees to work remotely for a long time

Recently, digital bank revolut announced that it will allow more than 2000 employees of the company to work remotely for a long time. In other words, employees can freely choose to come to the office or work at home. Since March 2020, revolut has implemented home office for all staff, but it has not affected the platform services. It was also in this year that revolut successfully opened up three international markets in the United States, Australia and Japan, and launched a number of new services and products. In the future, revolut’s existing office space will be mainly used for team collaboration services, and such physical space will be opened in more places in 2021.

[4]. The euro system agreed on a common position on sustainable investment in non monetary policy portfolios

On February 4, 2021, the central banks of the 19 countries in the euro area and the European Central Bank (ECB) jointly announced that they have reached an agreement on the application of sustainable and responsible investment principles in their respective Euro denominated non monetary policy portfolios. In the future, all parties will work together to promote the awareness of climate related risks, and start the annual information disclosure of such risks within two years.

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