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[1]. Malaysia identifies six clusters to promote digital technology agenda

In order to accelerate the development of the fourth industrial revolution and implement the digital economy, Malaysia has identified six clusters headed by six ministers to promote the relevant agenda. The six clusters are: economy, digital talent, society, digital and data infrastructure, emerging technology and government. Malaysia’s prime minister’s office said in a statement that a steering committee headed by the Minister of economy of the prime minister’s office, Mustafa, was set up to promote the construction of the above six clusters, promote the cooperation among various departments, government agencies and the private sector, and realize the digital economy and the fourth Industrial Revolution agenda. The six clusters are: 1) economic cluster, headed by azmin, senior minister of the Ministry of international trade and industry; 2) digital talent cluster, headed by sharawanan, Minister of human resources; 3) social cluster, headed by Lina, Minister of women and family; 4) digital and data infrastructure cluster, headed by saifuding, Minister of communication and multimedia; 5) emerging technology cluster, headed by Kaili, Minister of science and technology innovation, is in charge; 6) government cluster, headed by Mohamed zuki, Chief Secretary of the government. The digital economy and the fourth industrial revolution Council is the top management body that designates, implements and supervises the policies and plans of the national digital and the fourth industrial revolution. It aims to ensure the comprehensive development of Malaysia’s digital economy and benefit from the technological potential of the fourth industrial revolution.

[2]. Russian parliament official: pay close attention to China’s digital RMB test and hope that China and Russia can coordinate digital local currency settlement

Anatoly aksakov, vice chairman of Russia’s State Duma Financial Market Committee, pointed out in answering questions at Moscow’s gedar economic forum that Russia pays close attention to China’s experience in testing digital RMB and hopes that China and Russia will coordinate digital local currency settlement in the future. Aksakov believes that the national digital currency can greatly speed up the settlement process of local currency, but it needs to achieve technical compatibility and sign an agreement between countries.

[3]. Several Indian personal loan programs removed from Google App Store

On January 14, 2021, Google announced the removal of several personal loan apps for Indian consumers from the play store app store. Google said the platforms were suspected of violating relevant regulations and could cause property losses to consumers.

[4]. Vietnam’s mobile electronic payment platform Momo completed more than 100 million US dollars in round D financing

Recently, Vietnam’s mobile electronic payment platform Momo has received more than US $100 million in round D investment, followed by Warburg Pincus LLC, goodwill capital LLC, firma capital Singapore Pte, KORA management, Macquarie capital and tybourne capital management. Momo provides electronic payment, insurance purchase, digital marketing and small donation services in Vietnam. The company plans to use the financing to upgrade its software through biometrics and make some strategic acquisitions.

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