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[1]. The global regulatory technology market is expected to reach US $28.33 billion by 2027

Recently, allied market research released a report that the global regulatory technology market will reach US $5.46 billion in 2019, and it is expected to grow to US $28.33 billion by 2027. This report mainly covers North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe. Data show that covid-19 financial regulations and transparency, and the outbreak of new crown are all driving the development of regulatory technology, with the most prominent areas in the cloud market and SME services. At present, the largest market for regulatory technology is still in North America, but in the future, global developing economies may bring more market opportunities for this industry.

[2]. JPMorgan executive: OCC’s approval for banks to pay in stable currency will not affect JPM coin

[3]. Rho technologies, a New York financial technology service platform, received US $15 million in round a financing

Recently, Rho technologies, headquartered in New York, announced the acquisition of US $15 million in round a financing. This financing is led by M13 ventures, with the participation of torch capital, inspired capital, rogue capital, Michael Vaughan, Stephen Sikes, Josh stech and Eric kinariwal. Founded by point72, Everett cook, a Deutsche Bank professional, and Alex wheldo, a British Canadian entrepreneur, Rho mainly provides entrepreneurs with digital banking services, including various collaborative financial instruments and commercial banking solutions.

[4]. New crown covid-19 promotes intelligent service development in Korea

According to local media reports in South Korea, the smart investment advisory market in South Korea has achieved rapid development in the past year. According to the local market data on January 17, 2021, the total amount of investment entrusted to the three major Korean intelligent investment advisory platforms (fount, aim and December & amp; company) has reached 1.25 trillion won, an increase of 402.9% compared with 247.9 billion won last year. Some market analysts pointed out that low savings rates, social isolation measures during the epidemic period and other factors are important driving forces for the rapid development of intelligent investment advisers in South Korea. However, if these start-ups want to achieve long-term success, they must make more efforts in product and service differentiation.

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