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[1]. Vietnam will strengthen the management of international payment platform, paypal and payoner are targeted

In December 2020, Vietnam’s “labor daily” reporter published a series of articles pointing out that although PayPal, payoneer and other international payment platforms have not obtained the intermediary payment service license issued by the National Bank of Vietnam, they still become effective tools for illegal financial transactions, money laundering and tax evasion. In response to this problem, recently, Executive Vice Premier Zhang Heping of the Vietnamese government asked the National Bank of Vietnam to take the lead and cooperate with the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of information and media of Vietnam to carry out inspection, and to issue management measures on illegal financial transactions and tax evasion by illegally operating international payment platforms as soon as possible.

[2]. India launches 10 billion rupees seed fund for start ups

On January 16, 2021, when attending the “international summit of Indian start ups”, Indian Prime Minister modi said that the Indian government will allocate 10 billion rupees to establish the “seed fund for Indian start ups” to help India develop its innovation field. In 2014, there were only four Unicorn start-ups in India, modi said, but now the number has grown to 30. At present, India has grown into the third largest entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world, with more than 40000 innovative enterprises, 40% of which come from the second and third tier cities in India.

[3]. Rapyd, Israel’s financial technology service platform, completed $300 million round D financing

On January 13, 2021, rapyd, an Israeli financial technology service platform, announced the completion of round D financing of US $300 million, with a platform valuation of US $2.5 billion. This financing is led by coat, participated by new investors such as spark capital, avid ventures, FJ labs and latitude, and existing investors such as general catalyst, oak ft, tiger global, target global, durable capital, tal capital and entre é e capital. After the completion of this financing, rapyd has raised a total of 480 million US dollars. Founded in 2016, rapyd has offices in Tel Aviv, London, San Francisco and Singapore, with more than 200 employees. With rapyd service, users can directly embed financial technology services into applications without establishing their own infrastructure, greatly simplifying the difficulty of local payment and effectively managing compliance requirements.

[4]. President of the Republic of Korea: we hope that the booming companies and enterprises with difficulties in the epidemic will share profits with individuals

Covid-19 moon Jae in January 18, 2021 issued an appeal at a news conference to hope that the company that thrive during the new crown epidemic will share profits with the troubled enterprises and individuals. Wen moon Jae in covid-19 covid-19 pointed out that since the new crown epidemic, the South Korean government has introduced measures including cash payment, disaster relief fund, employment support and enterprise rescue, but it still can not cope with the huge impact of the new crown epidemic on the local economy. At present, South Korea is facing the most serious unemployment problem since the Asian financial crisis, and its house price is also among the highest in the world. Moon Jae in the government said that in order to encourage enterprises to set up rescue fund, the Korean government will provide new incentives to such enterprises.

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