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[1]. BNQ, the Dutch mobile bank, has completed a round of financing of US $228 million, with a valuation of US $1.9 billion

According to techcrunch, this round of financing is led by pollen Street capital and participated by Ali niknam, founder of bunq. As part of the deal, bunq also acquired capitalflow group, an Irish credit company owned by pollen Street capital.

[2]. JPMorgan Chase acquires influence investment platform openinvest

On June 29, 2021, JPMorgan announced its acquisition of openinvest, a financial technology company. Founded in 2015, openinvest focuses on Index Fund and social responsibility investment. With its Optimus tool, consumers can customize their investment portfolio according to their personal needs, such as avoiding investing in tobacco industry or firmly supporting green energy development. Since its establishment, the company has been supported by Andreessen Horowitz, y combiner, QED and other well-known investment institutions. Not long ago, JPMorgan Chase also acquired another financial technology venture 55ip, which provides users with intelligent investment strategy with reasonable tax rate through model combination.

[3]. The Bank of Thailand warns against using digital assets for payments

On July 8, 2021, the Bank of Thailand issued a warning, calling for the use of digital assets such as bitcoin and Ethernet as payment methods for goods and services. Bank of Thailand (BOT) has made it clear in a statement that digital assets are not legal tender. BOT said that recently, some enterprises began to pay with digital assets in exchange for goods and services, and BOT has been monitoring such development. When using digital assets as a means of payment, payers and payees may face risks such as price fluctuation, network theft and money laundering. BOT does not support the use of digital assets as a means of payment for goods and services, which is consistent with many international organizations and regulators. However, if the use of digital assets for payments becomes common, BOT said it would coordinate with the securities and Exchange Commission and relevant agencies to take measures to ensure that such behavior does not pose a risk to the public or the economic and financial system.

[4]. Younited, a French credit platform, received US $170 million in financing and Goldman Sachs took part in the investment

On July 8, 2021, French financial technology company younited announced that it would obtain financing of US $170 million with the participation of Goldman Sachs and bridgepoint. Younited provides loan services for individuals, and also cooperates with orange bank, n26 and other companies to help them provide credit products for customers. According to statistics, corporate banking accounts for one third of younited’s net income. At present, younited has raised a total of US $400 million and plans to consolidate its market share in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany with the latest financing.

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