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[1]. Ebanx, a cross-border business platform, received US $430 million in financing, setting a record for Brazilian financial technology financing

On June 15, 2021, ebanx, a Brazilian cross-border business platform, announced that it had received an investment of US $400 million from advance international. In addition, advance international has committed to invest $30 million in the upcoming IPO of ebanx. Founded in 2012, ebanx mainly provides cross-border transaction processing services to help users in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and other Latin American countries get the opportunity to use Amazon, Alibaba, spotify and other international e-commerce platforms. At present, ebanx service has covered 15 countries and regions, and the accumulated payment transaction volume will exceed 3.5 billion US dollars in 2020.

[2]. Wise, a cross-border money transfer service, plans to go public in London recently

Wise, a cross-border money transfer and payment service, plans to list on the London Stock Exchange this week or later this month, Reuters reported. Wise was founded in 2011, formerly known as transferwise. At present, it has raised a total of US $1.3 billion, valued the platform at more than US $12 billion, and made profits for many years. Wise optimizes the traditional cross-border transfer and payment process and greatly reduces the service cost. In addition to providing its own services, wise also cooperates with traditional financial services companies and emerging financial technology companies (such as Monzo and gocardless) to set up 14 offices around the world with a total number of more than 2400 employees.

[3]. Indonesia’s central bank bans cryptocurrency as a payment tool and financial service tool

On June 15, 2021, Perry warjiyo, governor of the Bank of Indonesia, said at a webinar held by the National Audit Committee (bpk) that the Bank of Indonesia has banned the use of cryptocurrency as a payment tool or financial service tool by the country’s financial institutions. According to the constitution, Indonesian banking law and currency law, cryptocurrency is not a legal means of payment. The Bank of Indonesia will deploy its regulators to ensure that financial institutions comply with the law.

[4]. Credijusto: Mexico’s first financial technology company to acquire banks

On June 15, 2021, credijusto, an online lending platform in Mexico, announced the acquisition of Banco finterra, making credijusto the first financial technology company in Mexico to acquire a bank. Credijusto was founded in 2015 to provide users with faster and better user experience through cutting-edge software design, innovative application of data science and advanced internal processes. Previously, credijusto has received support from Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, point72 ventures, kaszek, QED investors and John Mack. In the future, credijusto plans to open up a new business to serve American enterprises engaged in cross-border trade between the United States and Latin America.

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