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[1]. South Korea’s new deal fund invests in smart healthcare for the first time

On March 11, 2021, the chairman of South Korea Financial Services Commission (FSC) visited Biocore biotechnology company to congratulate it on becoming the first investment enterprise of South Korea new deal fund in the field of intelligent health care. On July 14, 2020, the South Korean government issued the “k-new deal plan” (k-new deal), hoping to promote the rapid transformation of South Korean economy in the post epidemic era. The new deal has three goals: 1) to create a large number of jobs in traditional, emerging digital and green fields; 2) to build the necessary infrastructure to promote the transformation of digital and environmentally friendly economy; 3) to transform South Korea’s economy from a global “follower” to a “leader”. In order to achieve the above goals, the South Korean government has created a special “new deal fund” to provide support for the financing of new deal projects.



[2]. Couchbase, a database software company, secretly submitted IPO application

According to people familiar with the matter, couchbase, a US database software company, has secretly submitted an IPO application and is likely to go public in the first half of this year, with a valuation of up to $3 billion. A source said the company’s annual revenue has exceeded $100 million. Founded in 2011, couchbase has raised $294 million from investors. According to pitchbook, the company last raised $105 million in May last year, when it was valued at $580 million. GPI capital, North Bridge venture partners and accel are its investors

[3]. Governance promotes the development of circular economy, and diem, a financial technology platform, received US $5.5 million in financing

Recently, diem, a British financial technology platform, announced that it would obtain US $5.5 million in seed round financing. This financing is jointly provided by fasanara capital, Chris adelsbach, founder of outrun ventures, Andrea Molteni, Ben demiri and Nicholas Kirkwood, early investors of farfit. Although it has the same name as Facebook’s encryption project, Diem’s business has nothing to do with it. Diem users can quickly obtain quotations of various assets (including clothing, electronic products, books, etc.) through their accounts, and sell the second-hand goods they want to dispose of directly to Diem. Diem will then resell these commodities to reduce unnecessary social waste and promote the sustainable development of circular economy and society.

[4]. Indian Finance Minister: not all encryption windows are closed

In an interview, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala sitharaman said that India has not closed all options in the fields of cryptocurrency, blockchain and financial technology. Speaking at today’s meeting in southern India, Nirmala sitharaman said that a cabinet document is being prepared on this issue, which will provide full details of India’s cryptocurrency establishment. “My view is that, of course, the Supreme Court commented on cryptocurrency, and although the Reserve Bank of India may call for official cryptocurrency, from our point of view, we are very clear that we will not close all options,” Nirmala sitharaman said. People will get enough windows to try blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. ” The cabinet filing is under preparation and is nearing completion. In terms of financial technology and blockchain, India is doing a lot of work, and we will certainly encourage it.

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