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[1]. The former ripple board member, the director of OCC, lost the nomination, and the new candidate was once a BTC skeptic

The White House has “almost completely ruled out” the possibility of nominating Michael S. Barr, a former ripple board member and former U.S. Treasury official, as director of the office of the Comptroller of the currency (OCC), according to a report last week. Meanwhile, American Banker magazine reported that mehrsa baradaran, a professor at the European School of law at the University of California, was the latest popular candidate for the director of OCC, who had been skeptical of the currency in the past. She has compared bitcoins to tulips or other assets that are prone to bubbles. Mehrsa baradaran has not yet responded to the nomination of the director of OCC, nor has she responded to whether her views on cryptocurrency are the same as those of nearly two years ago. Media analysis said that if mehrsa baradaran is appointed as the new director, it may not be a bad thing for cryptocurrency. Because mehrsa baradaran’s first task and concern may be to focus on traditional banks rather than cryptocurrencies. According to the previous report in January, Biden is expected to nominate Michael S. Barr, a former ripple board member and former U.S. Treasury official, as director of the office of the Comptroller of the currency, according to people familiar with the matter. The White House declined to comment, and the Treasury Department did not respond to requests for comment.

[2]. EToro, a social investment platform, will be listed through spac mode

On March 16, 2021, eToro, a social investment platform, announced that it would be listed through a merger with fintech acquisition Corp., a spac company. After the merger, the company’s implied equity value is about $10.4 billion. EToro was established in 2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel, providing a variety of trading services such as foreign exchange, stocks, encrypted assets, etc. In January 2021, eToro added 2.1 million users and completed 75 million transactions.

[3]. Secure, a digital authentication service platform, received $100 million in round D financing

On March 16, 2021, secure, a digital authentication service platform, announced that it had won $100 million in round D financing. This financing is led by accel and participated by commerce ventures, scale venture partners, Flint capital, synchrony, Sorenson and two sigma ventures. After the completion of this financing, the accumulated amount of financing of cure has reached 196 million US dollars. With the comprehensive digital transformation of social life such as health care, on-demand services and retail business, the digital authentication market has ushered in an all-round development. According to one world identity, from 2019 to 2023, the US digital authentication market will soar from US $15 billion to US $30 billion. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, secure compares and analyzes the data from e-mail, telephone and other sources on the premise of authorization, so as to help complete user authentication.

[4]. Nigeria pays Unicorn flutterwave to cooperate with PayPal

According to foreign media reports, Nigeria’s payment Unicorn maker flutterwave announced its cooperation with PayPal to allow global PayPal customers to pay African merchants through the “pay with PayPal” function. Through this partnership, African enterprises can establish contacts with more than 377 million PayPal accounts worldwide, and overcome the challenges brought about by the complex payment methods and poor banking infrastructure in Africa.

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