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[1]. US Department of justice may launch antitrust investigation on visa

On March 19, 2021, the Wall Street Journal quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that the U.S. Department of justice is investigating payment giant visa’s use of its dominant market position to restrict businesses from using cheaper debit card services. However, visa and the U.S. Department of justice have not responded. In November 2020, the US Department of justice launched an antitrust investigation into visa’s acquisition of plaid, a financial technology platform. In January 2021, visa and plaid announced that they would abandon the merger plan.

[2]. List of selected projects of blockchain accelerator at UC Berkeley in 2021 announced

Recently, Berkeley blockchain xcelerator of the University of California Berkeley announced the list of selected projects in 2021. More than 200 projects have been selected, including 21 projects including automata network, basin Logix, bit country, coinrule, cryptoindexseries, cryptomarket / nanobank, datagateway, etherize entities, hydradx, kanbee, klade, kylin network, library, Manta network, onfinanlity & amp; Subquery network, parastate, PESA (formerly WiFi coin), resource, revix, supra Oracle and utrust.

[3]. Genesis, a software provider in the capital market, received $45 million in round B financing

Recently, genesis global technology, a London based provider of capital market software, announced that it will obtain US $45 million in round B financing. This financing is led by accel, with the participation of GV (Google ventures), salesforce ventures, illuminate financial, Tribeca venture partners, Citigroup, ing, London Clearing House and XP investment. In 2018, genesis obtained external investment for the first time, and the total amount of financing has exceeded US $50 million.

[4]. The Bank of Thailand issued guidelines for stabilizing the currency and said it was developing a retail central bank digital currency

On March 19, 2021, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) issued guidelines on stabilizing currencies and called for advice on regulatory advice. BOT divides stable currency into two categories, including stable currency supported by Thai baht and other currencies. The baht centric approach of the bank is different from other central banks that distinguish Fiat and non fiat currencies, such as the stable currency whose value is linked to the US dollar and the stable currency linked to the gold price. The stable currency supported by baht is the stable currency for daily use, which is called “electronic currency” by BOT, which is consistent with the terms in the payment system act of 2017. Any party who wants to provide stable currency supported by baht must seek permission from bot. BOT said the policy is consistent with international standards, such as the UK, Singapore and Japan. Other stable currencies, that is, BOT of the second type – “other forms of stable currencies”, are much less said. This is a broad category, including asset-backed stable currency and algorithmic stable currency, as well as foreign currency supported stable currency. Bot also added that retail central bank digital currency is currently being developed “to meet the needs of the public, improve the service efficiency of the commercial sector and increase access to financial services.”

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