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[1]. Sk securities became the first financial company in South Korea to be allowed to trade carbon emission rights

On March 19, 2021, SK securities of South Korea announced that it would become the first financial company approved to trade carbon emission rights in South Korea. In 2017, SK securities established a renewable energy department to deploy and implement ESG principles. In 2020, SK securities will become the first member of the climate technology center and network (ctcn) under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (UNFCCC) in South Korea, actively participating in promoting low-carbon technology and business development.

[2]. Sugi, a green financial technology platform, achieved the equity crowdfunding target of 350000 pounds

In early March 2021, the UK Green Finance technology platform Sugi announced the completion of the target of equity crowdfunding of 350000 pounds. At present, the crowdfunding project is still continuing and is expected to end at the end of March. Sugi was founded in 2020. Through open financial technology, it connects users’ data from more than 80 existing online investment platforms to help users understand the impact of their investment portfolio on the earth’s environment. On March 22, Sugi launched a new function called “temperature” to let users know more intuitively whether its portfolio meets the temperature control target of 2 degrees Celsius set by the Paris Agreement.

[3]. Robin Hood, a stock and crypto trading platform, has submitted an IPO application to the US SEC

Robin Hood, the stock and crypto trading platform, has secretly submitted an IPO application to the securities and Exchange Commission, people familiar with the matter said. Despite the possible change in listing plans, Robin Hood is still pushing ahead with its IPO. Previously, it was reported that Robin Hood planned to submit an IPO application as soon as March, and planned to land on the Nasdaq market.

[4]. Google plans to spend $7 billion to expand its office space and data center

In 2021, technology giant Google will invest $7 billion in real estate, focusing on expanding office space and data center. Google said it would not adopt permanent telecommuting mode and planned to require employees to return to the office from this autumn, initially at least three days a week. Although the market environment and the impact of the epidemic have led many technology companies to bid farewell to California, Google still reserved a budget of $1 billion for the California headquarters office space. In addition, Google also plans to increase investment in Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and other offices. In 2020, Google’s cloud business will generate $13.06 billion in revenue and $5.61 billion in loss. In the future, Google will continue to focus on cloud business, so the expansion of data center is also included in the real estate investment plan.

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