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[1]. Setting up a special information page on climate and ESG on the website of US Securities Regulatory Commission

On March 22, 2021, in order to meet the needs of investors, the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the launch of a new page to summarize and publish information on climate change and ESG investment. In the future, the SEC will update the relevant content in real time to help investors make better financial planning.

[2]. Jamaica will begin testing the central bank’s digital currency in May

On March 23, 2021, the Bank of Jamaica (central bank) announced that it would choose ecurency Mint as the technology provider of CBDC. The Bank of Jamaica said it would start testing digital currencies during the pilot period in May and planned a national deployment in 2022. At present, the specific name of this CBDC has not been determined.

[3]. Jumio, an authentication service provider, received $150 million in financing

On March 23, 2021, jumio, the provider of authentication and ekyc solutions, announced that it had received US $150 million in financing, and created a single financing record in the field of digital identity authentication. The financing is provided by private equity firm great hill partners, which has rich investment experience in the fields of network security, compliance and financial technology, and has invested in affinipay, confirmation, mineraltree, secureworks and versapay. The jumio service solution is based on artificial intelligence technology, with users covering financial services, online games, social media and other fields. In 2020, jumio was also listed as a representative supplier organization by Gartner’s identification and confirmation market guide.

[4]. Dropbox spent $165 million to acquire docsend, an electronic document sharing platform

On March 9, 2021, docsend, an electronic document sharing platform, announced that it had reached a US $165 million acquisition agreement with Dropbox. Docsend was founded by Russ Heddleston, Dave koslow and Tony cassanego in 2013. It aims to provide users with safe and convenient online business document services, with more than 17000 enterprise users.

[5]. Mobikwik plans to IPO on Indian stock exchange

Mobikwik system, an Indian digital wallet and payment start-up, plans to IPO by September, with an expected financing amount of between $200 million and $250 million, according to people familiar with the matter, which was quoted by Bloomberg. Mobikwik is also seeking a round of pre IPO Financing, which could bring its valuation to about $700 million, the source said. However, the company has yet to determine the size and timing of the financing.

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