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[1]. The European Central Bank is trying to dispel German doubts about the digital euro

The European Central Bank on Thursday sought to ease German concerns about the launch of the digital euro, saying this form of e-cash would not be detrimental to depositors or banks. The European Central Bank is exploring a digital version of the euro in the next five years to prevent competition between cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and stable currencies such as Diem proposed by Facebook. However, the Bundesbank, the main shareholder of the European Central Bank, is indifferent to the digital euro. The famous magazine focus wrote that the digital euro will “have disastrous consequences for depositors”

[2]. Fiat launches cryptocurrency incentive scheme for electric vehicle owners

Recently, stellantis, Fiat’s parent company, announced that it would cooperate with Kiri technologies, a British venture, to provide cryptocurrency incentive scheme for owners of new Fiat 500 electric vehicles. Kiri, which means Paulownia in Japanese, absorbs 10 times more carbon dioxide than other tree species. For every kilometer of driving, the owner of the Fiat 500 electric car can exchange a kiricoin, which is worth two euro cents. Users can obtain these kiricoins through the virtual wallet in Fiat’s smartphone app and exchange them for online platform coupons such as Amazon, apple music, Netflix and spotify. It is reported that the plan will start after the delivery of the first Fiat 500 electric vehicle in the UK market.

[3]. Wagestream, a compensation management platform, acquires its Australian counterpart earnd

On March 24, 2021, wagestream, a compensation management platform, announced the acquisition of its Australian counterpart, earnd. Founded in 2018, earnd provides paid advance services for employees of user enterprises, with which JD sports, Adecco and other large enterprises have established cooperative relations. Wagestream’s development speed in recent years is also amazing, and now it has covered 5 million employees. The research from wagestream shows that 77% of the employees of user enterprises have alleviated the pressure of capital flow by using paid in advance, 38% of the employees of user enterprises have avoided excessive overdraft, and 43% of the employees of user enterprises have avoided using payday loan service.

[4]. New York venture prove acquires Medici Global

Prove is a New York based financial technology start-up that provides authentication services for account login, transaction and e-commerce payment through mobile phone numbers. Recently, prove announced the acquisition of Medici global, a financial technology research platform. Since its establishment in 2013, Medici has built a professional network of 250000 professionals, 15000 start-ups and more than 1000 research clients to comprehensively track the changes in the global financial technology industry in real time.

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