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[1]. US housing insurance technology platform Kin gets us $63.9 million in round C financing

Kin is a housing insurance start-up enterprise, aiming at houses in disaster prone areas. Through its strong technology application ability and a large number of independent third-party data, it provides cost-effective housing insurance protection for homeowners. At the same time, it is committed to helping homeowners who are most affected by climate change to solve the problem of risk protection gap. Recently, kin announced that it will obtain US $63.9 million in round C financing. This financing is led by sensor investment group and Hudson structured capital management, and participated by startup investment program, allegis NL capital and alpha Edison of University of Chicago. At present, kin’s service scope mainly covers California, Florida and Louisiana. In the future, Texas and other Atlantic coastal areas will also become its target market.

[2]. Nobel laureate Paul Krugman: bitcoin is “a combination of liberals and technological scams”

Paul Krugman, an American economist and Nobel laureate, made it clear in a recent interview with CNN that despite the massive rise, he still does not like cryptocurrency. He called the new asset class “a combination of liberals and technological scams.”. As early as 2011, Krugman became one of bitcoin’s harshest critics.

[3]. In support of anti epidemic, digital bank revolut announced the temporary exemption of international remittance fees to India

Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are still high in India, and the epidemic situation is grim. On May 10, 2021, digital bank revolut announced that in order to support India’s fight against the epidemic, it will exempt the handling charge for international remittance to India within 30 days from now. In addition, users can also donate directly through revolut, and the donated funds will be directly transferred to the recipient charity without intermediate fees.

[4]. Gojek was invested by telkomsel, an Indonesian telecom giant, with a total amount of US $300 million

Gojek has received an additional $300 million from telkomsel, a subsidiary of Telkom, the largest local telecom operator, according to Reuters. Previously, telkomsel invested $150 million in gojek in November 2020. After the completion of this round of investment, telkomsel is very likely to become one of goto’s eight investors, and the remaining investors include Alibaba, Tencent, Google, Softbank, etc.

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