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[1]. South Korean credit card companies begin to provide open banking services

On May 31, 2021, South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) announced that it would allow major credit card companies to provide open banking services through mobile applications from now on. The credit card companies of Shinhan bank, National Bank of Korea and Woori Bank will be the first to provide this service. Lotte, Samsung and Hyundai will join this service from June to August. Korea’s “open bank” service was officially launched in December 2019 and has been widely used. As of May 24, 2021, the “open bank” business has attracted 80.2 million users and 144.6 million registered accounts.

[2]. Quitoandar, Brazil’s real estate technology platform, received US $300 million in financing

Recently, quitoandar, Brazil’s real estate technology platform, announced that it had received US $300 million in financing, with rabbit capital leading the investment. After the completion of this financing, the valuation of quitoandar platform has reached US $4 billion. Quitoandar, headquartered in Sao Paulo, mainly provides users with online real estate leasing and sales market. Since its establishment, quitoandar has grown into the largest digital real estate company in Brazil, with more than 1000 employees and a total financing of US $635 million.

[3]. Circle, a payment and consumer finance startup, received $440 million in financing

On May 28, 2021, circle, a payment and consumer finance start-up based on blockchain technology, announced a large amount of financing of US $440 million. Fidelity Management and research company, Marshall WACE, Willett advisors, intersection fintech ventures, Atlas merchant capital, digital currency group, FTX, Breyer capital, valor capital group and pillar VC participated in the investment. Circle was established in the United States in 2013, mainly providing digital currency issuance, digital asset investment, electronic payment transfer, legal currency exchange and other services. The company is committed to using the blockchain technology to support the back-end network, so that users can use the currency form of various countries to control funds, and further promote the reform of financial facilities through the development of usdc stable currency related business.

[4]. Tietoevry, a software platform, will participate in the Bank of Sweden digital currency test

On May 28, 2021, Riksbank announced that it would join hands with Handelsbanken, a payment platform, and tietoevry, a software platform, to conduct the next stage of technical testing of e-krona, a digital currency of the central bank. It also means that for the first time, the e-krona project test members have expanded the external participants from the simulation participants. This collaboration will assist RiskBank in evaluating the integration of existing systems of external participants with the e-krona test technology platform.

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