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[1]. Indonesia’s financial technology platform linkaja won US $100 million round B financing, with grab leading the investment

Recently, linkaja, Indonesia’s financial technology platform, announced that it had obtained $100 million in round B financing. This financing is led by grab and participated by telkomsel, BRI Ventura and Mandiri capital Indonesia. Linkaja was put into operation in June 2019, mainly providing electronic payment services for the middle class and small and medium-sized micro enterprises in Indonesia. Currently, linkaja has 58 million registered users, more than 80% of which come from second and third tier cities in Indonesia. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has promoted the rapid growth of electronic payment business. The total transaction volume and transaction scale of linkaja in the third quarter of 2020 increased three times compared with the same period last year. Since the founding organization of linkaja includes a number of Indonesian state-owned enterprises, linkaja and grab can also deepen their cooperation. For example, grab has the opportunity to obtain more market channels such as Indonesian train and road tolls, water and electricity charges, and linkaja will also benefit from grab’s influence and technical capability.

[2]. Aidexa, an Italian financial technology start-up, received 45 million euro seed round financing

Recently, aidexa, an Italian financial technology start-up, announced that it had obtained 45 million euro seed round financing. Aidexa, founded by Roberto Nicastro, former general manager of UniCredit, hopes to help Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (especially those with turnover less than 10 million euro) to simplify their banking business and overall operation process through artificial intelligence and open banking technology. Aidexa management said it plans to hire about 100 people in the next few months and break even over the next three years. At present, aidexa mainly provides loans and various investment related services. However, aidexa has applied for an Italian banking licence and is expected to be authorized next year.

[3]. The Biden team confirmed that Gary Gensler, an encryption expert, will lead the financial policy transition team

The Biden campaign announced on Tuesday that Gary Gensler, a former Goldman Sachs executive and former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, will lead the financial policy transition group for Biden. It is reported that Gensler is familiar with the wide application of encryption technology.

[4]. Real estate technology platform clikalia is invested by mouro capital of Santander bank

On November 10, 2020, clikalia, a Spanish real estate technology platform, announced that it had obtained investment, but the specific amount was not disclosed to the public. This investment is led by mouro capital, a subsidiary of Santander bank. In the future, the two sides will carry out further strategic cooperation. Founded in 2017, clikalia is Spain’s leading real estate buyer, using advanced technologies such as big data to significantly improve real estate transaction efficiency. Since its inception, clikalia has completed more than 500 deals in Madrid and Barcelona and plans to expand into more local urban markets in the future.

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