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[1]. NFT becomes the annual vocabulary of Collins dictionary in 2021

The Collins dictionary recently announced that “NFT” has defeated a series of candidates including “double vaxxed”, “hybrid working”, “cheugy” and “metaverse” to become the vocabulary of the year in 2021. Collins dictionary defines NFT (non fungible token) as “the only digital certificate registered in the blockchain, which is used to record the ownership of assets such as works of art or collectibles.” as a noun, the term describes “assets with ownership recorded through non homogenous tokens”.

[2]. Deloitte released the list of top 50 UK high growth enterprises in 2021, and the top three are financial technology

Recently, Deloitte, a consulting firm, announced the list of top 50 UK high growth technology enterprises in 2021. The winners are from financial technology, software services, health care, environmental technology, hardware innovation and Media & amp; Six areas of entertainment. Among them, fintech enterprises occupy the top three in the total ranking (clearbank, airtimerewards and payend respectively), and the number of selected enterprises has also reached 12.

[3]. Robinhood stolen data is sold on the dark network

On November 9, 2021, Robinhood, an online brokerage, announced that it had encountered a “data security incident”. A hacker stole the e-mail addresses of about 5 million customers on the Robinhood platform, the personal information of 2 million customers (such as bank card information), and more detailed information such as birth date and home address of 310 users were also leaked. Robin Hood said that mondiant had been hired to track hackers and would inform customers of the follow-up situation. According to the information from bleeping computer in recent days, two days after the data leak in Robin Hood, someone sold the data on the hacker forum for at least $10000.

[4]. South African payment gateway ozow received US $48 million financing, led by Tencent

Recently, ozow, a payment gateway in South Africa, announced that it had obtained a round B financing of US $48 million. Tencent led the investment, and endeavor Harvest Fund and endeavor catalyst participated in the investment. Ozow provides businesses and consumers with automated online payment process services. At present, it covers 47 million account owners. Well-known enterprises such as Uber, Vodacom, MTN, shoprite group and takealot all use ozow services.

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