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[1]. Moody’s and other rating agencies jointly established a net zero service provider alliance with the stock exchange

Financial markets play an important role in promoting global net zero emissions. Recently, several rating agencies, audit institutions, index service providers and stock exchanges, including Bloomberg, KPMG, London Stock Exchange Group, Moody’s and Singapore Stock Exchange, jointly announced the establishment of the “net zero service provider alliance” (nzfspa), which is committed to adjusting the development path of relevant services and products and striving to achieve the net zero emission target in 2050, Promote the process of international environmental protection.

[2]. UK government delays digital tax reform

The UK government’s “digital taxation” project was originally planned to be implemented from April 2023. Under the plan, about 4.3 million self-employed and small businesses in the UK need to keep digital records and report their income to the UK revenue and customs administration on a quarterly basis rather than an annual basis. On September 24, 2021, the British government issued a statement again, announcing that these measures will enter into force in April 2024. The plan to change the profit reporting date of some enterprises has also been postponed for one year. The plan will affect 280000 individual operators and 250000 partners, including law firms and accounting firms in big cities.

[3]. The United States and the European Union plan to jointly crack down on technology giants such as Google and Facebook

A draft memorandum shows that the United States and the European Union plan to adopt a more unified approach to limit the growing market power of large technology companies such as Google and Facebook. On September 29, the meeting of the US Europe trade and Technology Council will be held in Pittsburgh. At that time, the conference will announce statements on science and technology, climate, trade and supply chain, and joint crackdown on large technology companies is expected to be one of them.

[4]. The Central Bank of Chile set up a group to study the issue of digital currency

It is reported that the Central Bank of Chile is exploring the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The team will submit a white paper in the first quarter of 2022 describing the objectives, requirements and provisions for the development of digital currency. The Central Bank of Chile said that any possible currency would be issued in a manner similar to paper money and coins, and could be used for transactions between businesses or individuals, or for point-to-point payments by financial institutions. The team led by Alberto Naudon also plans to develop a medium-term strategy for digital payment in Chile, analyzing private digital payment means and encrypted assets, retail payment and payment infrastructure, and other topics.

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