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[1]. Proteantecs, an Israeli deep data service provider, received a financing of US $50 million

On September 23, 2021, proteantecs, an Israeli deep data service provider, announced that it had obtained a financing of US $50 million. The financing was provided by Koch disruptive technologies, a venture capital Department of Koch industries, Porsche and other institutions. Founded in 2017, proteantecs developed a cloud platform that extracts data from chip monitoring components and provides analytical insights into the healthy operation performance of a given electronic system. At present, the company’s service users cover initial equipment manufacturers, as well as automobile, communication and data center. In the future, new financing will be mainly used for product R & D, strategic cooperation and global market expansion.

[2]. In 2021, the financing of legal science and technology industry exceeded the $1 billion mark

According to the data from CrunchBase, the legal tech industry has accumulated more than US $1 billion in venture capital this year, far exceeding US $510 million in 2020 and US $989 million in 2019. Industry analysts pointed out that the demand for remote communication brought by the outbreak of COVID-19 and the digital reform of the legal sector in the technological age are the main driving force for the growth of legal technology financing, and the future development of this industry is huge. According to statistics, from January to September 2021, the legal science and technology industry has completed 85 financing transactions, and the number of transaction rounds is temporarily lower than that in 2020 (129) and 2019 (147). Among the completed transactions in 2021, the larger ones include;

[3]. The US House of Representatives has passed a defense budget bill containing cryptocurrency provisions, which is awaiting Senate approval

According to coindesk, the U.S. House of Representatives has considered and passed the 2021 U.S. defense budget bill, which contains provisions related to cryptocurrency. At present, the bill is awaiting approval by the US Senate. At the same time, the proposed bill will require the SEC and CFTC to clearly define which institution supervises which aspects of the encryption market. In addition, Congress will establish a working group composed of representatives of the SEC and CFTC within 90 days after the passage of the bill.

[4]. South Korea’s stock active account broke 50 million, close to the total population

It is reported that South Korea’s stock market has become one of the most eye-catching markets in Asia during the epidemic. In 2020, the Korean composite index rose by 32.1%, and the booming stock market also attracted many Korean retail investors. As of last month, the number of stock active accounts in South Korea exceeded 50 million for the first time, close to the total population of South Korea. According to the latest data released by the Korea financial investment Association, there was an increase of 10 million in about half a year from March to August alone, 1.6 times the annual increase of last year. In the past, most retail investors were in their 30s and 40s, but now young students and retirees are flocking to the market.

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