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[1]. Mexican insurance technology company s ú per plans to raise $30 million

It is reported that s ú per, a Mexican insurance technology company, plans to start round B financing, with a fund-raising scale of about US $30 million. S ú per is an insurance technology company, which aims to make insurance payment easier and faster based on data model. In addition, the company plans to launch an insurance solution for hurricanes in 2022.

[2]. MasterCard joins the “buy before pay” market competition with new projects

On September 28, 2021, the payment giant MasterCard company announced the launch of a new project called “MasterCard installments”, joining the increasingly hot global “buy first and pay later” market competition. At the beginning of the project, MasterCard will join hands with Barclays (USA), Fifth Third, FIS, Galileo, Huntington, marqeta, Sofi, synchrony, Qantas loyalty and latitude to take the lead in testing the American, British and Australian markets. This project will enable banks, loan platforms, financial technology institutions and mobile wallet service providers to provide consumers with a more flexible bnpl experience throughout the payment network.

[3]. Pandadoc, an electronic signature service provider, won round C financing, and the platform valuation exceeded US $1 billion

Recently, pandadoc, a financial technology platform, announced that it had obtained round C financing, and the specific amount was not disclosed. The financing was jointly provided by Altos ventures, M12, one peak partners and other institutions. After the completion of the financing, the valuation of the platform exceeded US $1 billion. Headquartered in San Francisco, pandadoc mainly provides users with services such as electronic signature generation and contract payment collection through its digital transaction management solution. At present, pandadoc has about 30000 users, including Autodesk, Tata Steel and SGS, covering nearly 130 countries.

[4]. Facebook launched a $50 million new fund to help build a metauniverse

Recently, Facebook announced the launch of a $50 million new fund to help it develop the metauniverse more responsibly. The fund, called “XR programs and Research Fund”, lasts for two years and will be used to fund Facebook’s own projects and external research. Nick Clegg, vice president of Facebook, said when talking about the project that this should be regarded as the “starting point” of metacosmic research, and said he hoped that when regulators began to ask questions about the new technology, the project could help provide answers.

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