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For many people, 2020 will be a very difficult year, as well as for women. The report of the United Nations women’s Department said that due to the influence of COVID-19, the work of housework and family care has been greatly increased. The loss of employment and education opportunities may result in a global regression of gender equality for 25 years, and the business elite of women at the core of decision-making may be under more pressure.

From left to right in the front row: Li Ni, vice chairman and chief operating officer of BiliBili, Wang Fengying, President of Great Wall Motor, and Qu Cuirong, CEO of Yum China; from left to right in the back row: Zong Fuli, President of Hongsheng beverage group, Wang Laichun, chairman of Lucent precision, and sun Dan, global vice president of Seagate technology

In 2020, COVID-19 spread the test of the global supply chain system. At the same time, the global industrial transformation and upgrading accelerated, and the new industrial structure was being reconstructed. Under the epidemic situation, the changes of people’s work, life and consumption patterns and habits have given birth to new models and new formats such as “cloud life” and “home economy”. Driven by the integration of the material world, the digital world and human beings, the change of production mode, consumption mode and connection mode will always challenge the leadership of enterprise decision makers.

As innovation has gradually become a new driving force and engine for the high-quality development of domestic enterprises, and more and more scientific and technological innovation oriented enterprises have landed on the science and technology innovation board, this year, while focusing on the measurement indicators such as enterprise operation scale and quality, Forbes China introduced the dimension of innovation ability for the first time to conduct quantitative analysis and comprehensive ranking of candidates. The list not only focuses on the value of wealth created by female executives, but also on their role in the enterprise and influence on the growth of the enterprise.

This year, the average age of the 100 people on the list is 50 years old, more than half of them have master’s degree or above (including MBA), and one quarter of them have overseas study experience. The total market value of the enterprises they manage is more than 12 trillion yuan. Geographically, Shanghai and Beijing are the cities with the most people on the list.

Ms. Wang Laichun, 54, chairman of Lucent precision, won the first place in the list of outstanding business women in China this year. The former Foxconn female worker worked in Foxconn’s line fitting division for nearly 10 years before leaving to start a business. From OEM cable connectors to standard followers and then to developers, Lucent has stepped into the forefront of global high-speed interface technology, and expanded its business to consumer electronics, communications, automotive electronics and other fields with old customers’ new products, old products’ new markets and new customers’ strategies, involving core parts, module design, development and manufacturing, and system assembly Its intelligent automation manufacturing is leading the industry. Wang Laichun attaches great importance to the medium and long-term planning of the enterprise, leads the team to absorb new industries and technologies, and quickly makes decisions on the layout and implementation. As an important supplier of Apple’s supply chain system, Lucent precision services Apple’s multi category parts and system assembly, is the main supplier of airpods, and its market share will increase to 70% in 2019. The continuous growth of airpods sales and the growth of connector demand driven by 5g + new energy helped its net profit exceed 7 billion yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year growth rate of over 50%, and its total market value is nearly 400 billion yuan. Lucent precision’s R & D investment of more than 10 billion in the past three years is undoubtedly an important reason to enhance the company’s sustainable competitiveness.

Compared with last year, there are 46 new faces in this year’s list of women in business. Among them, medicine and health is the industry with the largest number of women on the new list. The outbreak of the epidemic has enabled more innovative biomedical companies to quickly enter the global vision, and Connaught bio is one of them. Ten years ago, Mao Huihua bid farewell to the comfortable and comfortable life in the United States and returned home with a group of friends to establish kangxinuo. She was personally responsible for the quality management and international registration of vaccines. In March 2020, the recombinant New Coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector), developed by Conchino and academician Chen Wei of the Academy of military science, pioneered the clinical trial in China. It was also the first vaccine candidate to publish the clinical data of the one or two phase in the international famous medical journal Lancet. At present, kangxinuo’s new coronal vaccine has entered phase III clinical trials in Mexico, Pakistan and other countries.

Throughout the list, TMT field is second only to medical big health, with the largest number on the list. Li Ni, vice chairman and chief operating officer of Bili Bili, is one of them. Li Ni led the team to make continuous innovation in brand, content and commercialization, and successfully built bilibilibili New Year’s Gala, “houlang” and “into the sea” and other projects, which became an important driving force to promote the brand of station B to continue out of the circle and increase the number of users. In the third quarter of 2020, the number of monthly live users of station B increased by 54% year-on-year, reaching 197 million, and the advertising revenue increased by 126% year-on-year. The company’s share price has increased nearly five times in the past year, and its market value has exceeded 270 billion yuan.

In 2020, a “sister riding the wind and breaking the waves” program will make “her consciousness” and “her value” widely concerned and discussed. With the sudden decline of “black swan” and the coexistence of change and opportunity, the sisters with empathy, resilience and other “her type leadership” will also lead Chinese enterprises to continue to ride the wind and waves.

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