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50 most profitable IP kings in the world From WikiMili

The following is the 50 most profitable IP kings in the world From WikiMili recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

These are the yellow mouse, Pikachu, electric mouse and Pikachu, who are the representatives of the fairy Baoke dream family.

Even if you don’t know them, you can see this IP co branded product in food, clothing, housing and transportation. It’s one of the most profitable IP in the world.

This is Daji, the fox of enchantment, the man-made man, and the figure without intention. This is not Daji, the favorite concubine of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, but Daji, the wizard hero in the valley of the king.

Even if you haven’t played King’s glory, you should have heard the voice broadcast of “welcome to King’s glory” from the mobile phones of people around you. This is the only Chinese IP in the top 50 most profitable IP in the world, ranking 50th.

Different from historical figures, Daji is an artificial figure

This time, the top 50 most profitable IP companies in the world have Chinese IP

Recently, wikimili summarized the 50 most profitable IP addresses in the world based on the financial data of listed companies and the authoritative third-party data statistics platform.

“Asia circle Qian Tian Tuan”, led by Pikachu, once again won the first place, and IP revenue continued to increase. But it also attracted people’s attention, because it is not only the only Chinese IP on the list, but also the youngest IP on the list.

No one has never seen Pikachu’s expression bag

In this list, marvel movie universe ranked eighth, Mario, who sold better than baokemeng, ranked ninth, Harry Potter 11th, Toy Story 17th and League of heroes 39th. Game IP accounts for the largest proportion in the list (32%), followed by comics (22%), animation (20%), movies (12%) and novels (8%).

It’s a landmark event for King glory to enter the top 50 most profitable IP. After all, it’s the first Chinese IP to enter the list. With the birth time of other IP on the list being about 40 years, King glory, who has just turned 5, has boundless potential.

But if you look at the top 50 IP lists, you will find that there is a fatal difference between King glory and the top 10 IP: the revenue structure is too single. The revenue of smart baokemeng includes authorized derivatives, video games, box office revenue, family entertainment and others. Compared with baokemeng, the king glory with only video game revenue is indeed a bare commander.

Picture from: sanwenyu

If you only rely on video games, then the top of the list may be 28th – the location of dungeons and warriors.

On the issue of how much IP earns, the two IP’s different national degrees cause and effect each other. Go to the street to catch a few passers-by who don’t play games and do an interview. You will find that non players still have a certain understanding of baokemeng, while they have a weak understanding of the glory of the king.

This is also a major feature of baokemeng’s “win elsewhere”. There are not many people who have really played baokemeng, but there are many people who love Pikachu. Even if there is no experience of capturing baokemeng on Gameboy as a child, it does not prevent people from paying for various derivatives of baokemeng. At this point, the game launched the second year on the launch of the animation works made great contributions.

The XY animation of baokemeng

This cartoon called “pet elf” is the beginning of a lot of people going into the pit. Minmin, who likes baokemeng as much as cats, says that he has never played baokemeng. He likes it because he saw the cartoon “pet elf” and “Magic Baby” at noon every day in primary school.

Compared with the animated films launched in the first year since the launch of Elven baokemeng, Wang Zhirong’s animated films are not slow and many, including derivative short films and independent detective cartoons. But these are not like “pet elf” as an independent animation, discontinuous, high threshold plot.

These animations are more like DLC additional content for fans, which can make fans understand the game better, but it doesn’t help non game players to understand IP.

Never night Chang’an CG is well received by players, but it is not well recognized among non players

The youngest man in the audience, Wang Rongyao, gets on the bus first and then makes up the ticket

As the youngest IP in the audience, King glory seems to have the most potential, but it is also the one with the least concept of IP at the beginning.

King glory is a domestic mobile game of MoBa based on 5v5. So from the beginning, the most important thing for this game is the innovation of playing methods. How to make this competitive way attractive is their primary goal. However, the priority of plot and character creation is not so high, which needs to be considered only after the players reach a certain number.

The canyon map for players to fight

It’s normal for a game developer to make a similar decision. After the king’s glory has gradually become a “national game”, the task of shaping IP has also been put on the agenda. In the initial process, the king glory team is trying to make the game character more than just a character, so that he has more cultural color and story background.

In 2018, Li Bai’s only authentic work “post on the balcony” appeared, and “glory of the king” announced its cultural cooperation with “national treasure”. There is a customized Li Bai Xingyuan skin in the game, and Li Bai, the hero, has gone from the mobile phone screen to CCTV.

The cooperation between Li Bai and national treasure

In addition to the popular “Great Wall guard” camp in the game, Wang Rongrong and Tencent foundation also launched a public welfare plan to protect the Great Wall. In cooperation with Dunhuang Research Institute, the glory of the king also showed the skin of “the king is now Dunhuang”. From Yang Yuhuan to Yao, the players gave no low evaluation. Similar cooperation also included the skin cooperation of general Wuhu and Peking Opera.

The next step is to make up the story line. Recently, King glory launched a 9-minute CG video when the new hero LAN went online. In the video, the relationship between LAN and a number of original heroes was clearly displayed. Players also paid more attention to the new hero, and the CP of “vegetable basket” came into being.

After the release of CG animation, a lot of people began to crack CP

Clearer camp relationship and better characterization all provide the possibility for the next stage of King glory IP. One example is that the unlimited king group, which is composed of five heroes from the king’s Canyon, is very popular, and some fans vote, comment and buy endorsements for them, just like the real idol of the men’s group.

Apart from being closer to users, it is the perfection of storyline. In 2018, “glory of the king” won the galaxy Award for “best science fiction game.”. The news was make complaints about the most sci-fi news this year. But as the king’s glory further enriches the story line, you will find that this 5 V5 MoBa game actually tells a science fiction story.

New knowledge of the game has analyzed the story. More than 100 heroes belong to 6 races and 19 camps. From the perspective of opposition, the difference between Nuwa and Dijun leads to a clear-cut camp. When organ giant, ark, core, man-made, demon species Add these words together, and you’ll find that this is really a science fiction background story that you haven’t noticed.

Now, the players’ attention to the king’s glory is not limited to the game itself. Player Xiaoyu especially likes to knock the CP short video of the king in station B. her favorite up master @ teacher Fang is here, and she will produce sweet jokes about Valley heroes. From Cai Wenji and LAN to Xi Shi and Yao, she can’t help but to create this kind of self created Xiaotian drama.

The picture of Xi Shi and Yao Tong created by fans. Photo from @ Tianqing and other Tianyi

Player Guo’er likes the king’s glory video clips, from live role videos to lines to content. With the bonus of immersive games and hero characters, she bought many of the king’s glories and heroes, and even thought about paying nearly 1000 yuan for more exquisite ones. As a fan of King glory and baokemeng, she has also compared the differences between their derivatives:

Baokemeng has a feeling that it can’t be bought. There may be two joint names for the electric cooker.

Wang also has many co names, but I think it’s quite different from baokemeng. Many things in the official Taobao store of Wang’s glory still need to be replenished, while baokemeng is pushed by merchants everywhere. Generally speaking (Wang’s IP) can’t make more money than baokemeng.

King glory IP, the next step is to break the circle

Although the IP of King glory has many problems, there is no doubt that it has the basic attribute of becoming a gold sucking IP – popularity + fans.

Therefore, Tencent has paid more attention to this IP. At the 4th Tencent game developers conference, Tencent interactive entertainment marketing director Liu Xinglun gave a speech on the theme of “King glory IP construction”.

Tencent interactive entertainment marketing director Liu Xinglun shares IP types

He said that King glory is more like a mineral IP. There was no IP when it was born, but fortunately, there are underground mines (play + experience + social relationship + localization) that can be dug. This kind of IP has not been built yet, and it is still iterating continuously. By injecting more emotion into the product, more co creators are attracted to participate in the creation.

And those well-known IP we are familiar with are very similar to industrial manufacturing products, which are produced by top-level designers and large companies, making products that users are willing to consume. From Avengers to pockman, from Disney Princess to Harry Potter, they are mostly successful industrial products.

There are many works besides Harry Potter movies

Industrial IP is not a derogatory term. Only when an IP is polished by industrial manufacturing, can it be more like a mature IP acceptable to the public, thus having more commercial value. In other words, enterprises are scrambling to pay the bill, and fans are willing to pay. For this reason, the game of King glory itself has also made a lot of attempts.

One is to invite spokesmen to attract more young fans to pay attention to the game through five spokesmen with high national standard. The second is to launch more films and TV works from products, so that more people who don’t play games can also accept the IP of King glory.

The silhouette photo of the official spokesman of the king’s glory was boycotted by fans

In the fifth anniversary, Tencent announced a number of King glory IP to create new works.

In addition to the brand-new action mobile game code: Dawn and IP new game code: departure, the first officially authorized movie and TV series “you are my glory” will be starred by Yang Yang and delireba, and the first IP 3D animation series will finally be produced, just to attract more non player users to accept the IP.

“You are my glory” has not been broadcast and has been drawn by fans. Picture from: @ Shanzhu Xuejie

For the glory of the king, krypton gold can become stronger, recharge can make money, out of a skin can make a pot full. But after watching baokemeng’s authorized derivatives, which earned 76 billion yuan, I’m afraid none of the Games dare to say that they are completely unmoved.

The characters of King’s glory game are a little different from the Asian circle Qian tiantuan of “cute world”, and it’s not so easy to make derivatives recognized by the consumer market. However, with the announcement of several IP actions, we can also say that building industrial IP has also been put on the agenda of King glory.

Since its launch in November 2020, Sony’s PS 5 sales have exceeded 4.5 million units ign: survey shows that 53.4% of players can’t accept the price increase of next generation games Foreign media: March 17 – March 23, 2013 top 10 pc game sales in the UK Crowe’s second hand system: 2017 E-sports Industry Research Report PwC: the global E-sports market is expected to reach US $463 million in 2016 steam: among us is one of the most popular multiplayer games at present ARS technica: PS 5 The inventory of digital version only accounts for 24%. 2016 Japanese film market data inventory Gartner: it is expected that the Internet of things in the supply chain will usher in great development in the next two to five years. What happened behind the box office of 52.3 billion films in 2017?

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