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Baby boomer gamers have grown 32% since 2018 From GWI

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According to a new GWI report, the number of gamers aged 55 – 64 (baby boomers) has increased by 32% since 2018. Puzzle solving / platform type was the group’s favorite (27%), followed by shooting games (24%), and then adventure / open world (22%).

Looking at the broader age group, it is found that 32% of the Internet users of Generation X and baby boomers (38 – 64 years old) play games every day, which is only 5% less than that of generation Z and millennials (16 – 37 years old). Another stereotype that no longer holds is that most gamers are single men. Statistics show that only 3% more men than women play games every day, while 33% of men and women are married.

Elsewhere, the report found that 86% of Internet users play games, and 24% of grandparents and parents regard playing games together as family time. The epidemic has played a big role in the prosperity of video games. Since the outbreak of covid-19, 30% of respondents in the United States and Britain said they played more games than before. The report also asked people which ninth generation game console they were going to buy. Sony’s ps5 is 55% ahead of the Xbox series X by 30%, but it’s not easy to buy either now.

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