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British Academy Award “Hades” wins 5 awards in 2021

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At present, the results of the 2021 British Academy Awards have been officially announced. This time, Hades won the best game award, and the last survivor won the player vote game of the year award. It is worth mentioning that Hades won five awards in the 2021 British Academy Awards.

Best game: Hades

Best narrative Award: Hades

Best art design award: Hades

Best game design award: Hades

Best supporting role: Logan Cunningham as Hades

Best animation production Award: the last survivor 2

Best actor award: Laura Bailey as Abby (last survivor 2)

Best British game: Hemp boy Adventure

Best family game award: Hemp boy Adventure

Best multiplayer game award: assemble! Animal Crossing Society

Best beyond Entertainment Award: gather! Animal Crossing Society

Best music award: Spider Man: Miles Morales

Technology Achievement Award: dreams

Game of the year (EE): the last survivor

Evolution Award: the sea of Thieves

Original game award: Kentucky highway zero

Sound effect Award: Ghost of Malaysia

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