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By 2021, the sales of Sony PS 5 game console will reach 7.8 million

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According to the verge, Sony said in its latest revenue report that since its launch last year, the company has sold 7.8 million Playstation 5 game consoles. The number of subscribers to Playstation plus has now reached 47.6 million, up 14.7% year on year. The fourth quarter data brought the total operating profit of the entire Playstation business to 342.2 billion yen (about $3.14 billion) in fy2020 – a new record set by Sony.

Sony’s last quarter results showed that by the end of 2020, the company’s ps5 global shipments were 4.5 million units. This means that the shipment volume from January to march is 3.3 million units, which makes people understand Sony’s current manufacturing capacity; The actual purchase of ps5 is still very difficult, and the demand is far greater than the supply. The quarter to quarter decline is likely due to Sony’s increased production ahead of the system release.

Earlier this month, NPD said the ps5 was the fastest selling console in U.S. history in the first five months of its launch, both in terms of sales and in dollars. However, according to NPD, Nintendo sold more switches in the U.S. than Sony’s ps5 in the first quarter of 2021.

Sony also increased the shipment of 1 million PS4 game machines in the last quarter, bringing the number of the system to 115.9 million so far. This figure is 28.6% lower than the previous year’s 1.4 million.

More reading from cnBeta: VGC: PS 5 sells well in the UK, surpassing PS4 to set a new sale record NPD: North American game market report in March 2021 ps5 is still the fastest-selling game console DFC Intelligence: ps5 will still be the best-selling game console NPD: PS 5 has become the fastest selling console in the history of the United States Sony: PS 5 has sold more than 6.5 million since it was launched in November 2020 Sony’s PS 5 sales have exceeded 4.5 million GamesIndustry: Xbox series X / s beat PS 5gamingsmart in January 2021 hardware sales list: PS 5 sales are almost twice as much as Xbox series s|x vgchartz: the latest sales of next generation host xsx / s surpasses ps5 in North America Sony: it is estimated that PS 5 sales will be about 5 million in 2020 vgchartz: PS 5 sales will be 3.3 million four weeks before its launch ludostrie: PS 5 has been sold for 10 years in France 7000 units, nearly three times of Xbox series. Stockx: the Online Resale sales volume of PS 5 is twice that of Xbox series X. Takashi Mochizuki: it is estimated that the cumulative sales volume of PS 5 will eventually exceed 200 million units. Vgchartz: it is estimated that the global sales volume of PS 5 on the first day of its launch will be 2.1-2.5 million units

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