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The following is the By December 2020, the number of PC players in Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020 has exceeded 2 million From Microsoft recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

“Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020” has just achieved the fastest growth record of the series of games. Since its release earlier this year, it has attracted more than 2 million “virtual pilots” on PC. In its 38 year long history, Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020 is definitely the fastest growing generation of players so far. If you are interested, you can also review the development history of the game interface of Microsoft Flight Simulation in the past decades.

Jorg Neumann, project leader of Microsoft Flight Simulation, shared the following statistics:

● players have collectively explored 72% of the game world;

The number of flights in the game has exceeded 50 million;

The total flight mileage is 3.5 billion miles, equivalent to 19 earth sun round trips;

7000 players specially watched the Redmond headquarters of Microsoft in the game;

● fans have been watching for 9.7 million hours on the first-class live media platform of twitter alone.

Jorg Neumann added: “it’s really exciting to see such data. Thanks to a highly engaged and active community, we are able to continuously listen to feedback and improve the game experience. “.

At the same time, the development team is also excited by the work of the community creators. They have generally accepted the software development kit (SDK) of the game, and have developed 500 airports, a large number of aircraft models and other accessories in a few months.

The quality of work, knowledge and skills, and boundless enthusiasm of the creators also give us more daily inspiration.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Xbox Series X_S Announce Trailer(via)

It is reported that Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020, released so far, is still in the post development stage, and will bring more new functions in the near future, such as support for virtual reality (VR) devices.

In addition to winning the “best simulation / strategy” game award in 2020, the console porting version of the game is also expected to land on Xbox series X and Xbox series s next generation hosts in the summer of 2021.

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