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Due to the recent holiday sales surge, Nintendo switch’s sales have made a further leap, and its cumulative sales are expected to eventually surpass the PS4. PS4 was launched in November 2013 and switch in March 2017. Although PS4 is in a dominant position in terms of release time, switch undoubtedly takes the lead in the current host sales.

In the past year, switch sales have soared. It’s thanks to the collection! “Animal Crossing” and “super Mario 3D all stars” are becoming more popular. “Mobile” is a phenomenal game in 2020. At the same time, with the release of ps5 and xsx in November 2020, the life cycle of PS4 is at the end.

According to the latest data from vgchartz, the statistics agency, Nintendo switch’s sales in the 46 months since its launch have surpassed those of the PS4 46 months after its launch. From March 2017 to December 2020, switch sold 76.99 million units. In contrast, from November 2013 to August 2017, the sales volume of PS4 was 63.33 million units. It wasn’t until 53 months after the PS4 went on sale that it reached switch sales.

Switch surpasses PS4 in 46 months

Sales comparison of switch and PS4 in 46 months

In the past 12 months, switch has sold 7.78 million more than PS4. In fact, in December 2020 alone, switch sold 5.01 million more units than PS4. Of course, it’s no surprise that the arrival of ps5 is that many players are looking at the next generation platform.

Nevertheless, this is good news for Nintendo fans. Nintendo switch has a very strong development track. Although switch still has a way to go to catch up with PS4’s historical cumulative sales (PS4’s total sales is 114.83 million units, switch is behind 37.84 million units), but the rising trend of switch makes it possible for us to see it become the best-selling game console before the end of switch’s life cycle.

Nintendo’s switch sales reached 2.93 million units in Q2 of 2017 NPD: game console sales report in September 2017 switch topped three consecutive months vgchartz: global game console hardware sales in the third week of August 2019 Switch becomes the best-selling host again. It is estimated that the sales volume of switch will surpass ps5 and xsx to become the best-selling game host in 2021. Nintendo: by October 2019, the sales volume of Nintendo switch in Europe will exceed 10 million. By October 2020, the sales volume of switch in the United States will exceed 730000, ranking the second place in October’s historical sales volume. NPD: in November 2020, the sales volume of switch in the U.S. game console market will exceed 1.35 million Nintendo ranked first for two consecutive years: as of June 2020, the total sales volume of switch has exceeded Xbox one by 61.44 million. Nintendo: as of 2019, the total sales volume of Q3 Nintendo’s switch host has reached 41.67 million. Fami: the sales volume of Japan’s “fitness ring adventure” has exceeded 1 million. NPD: switch is expected to be the best-selling host for Christmas in 2020 Instead of next-generation console NPD: in 2018, the best-selling game console in the United States was switch, with sales of 5.64 million units. VGC: in the first half of 2020, the sales of switch console in the British game market doubled. Media create: switch’s sales in Japan exceeded the sum of PS4 ordinary version and slim version in five years

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