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The following is the Comparison of global sales volume of ps5 / xsx / switch in 2020 with ps5 accounting for 40% of the market share From vgchartz recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

In recent days, the sales volume of the pstzseries and the Xbox have been compared with that of the XS / xSeries in five weeks. So far, in the first five weeks after the global launch of the next generation host, the ps5 has been in a leading position.

Ps5 sold 3.73 million units in the five weeks after its launch, while switch sold 2.33 million units and Xbox series X / s sold 2.01 million units. The market share of ps5, switch and Xbox series X / S is 46.2%, 28.9% and 24.9%, respectively.

In the European and American markets, ps5 is also in a leading position. Within five weeks of its launch in the United States, the ps5 has sold 1.54 million units, the Xbox series X / s has sold 1.1 million units, and the switch has sold 910000 units. The sales volume of ps5 in Europe was later than that in the United States, with 1.3 million units sold in four weeks, 600000 units sold in switch and 530000 units sold in Xbox series X / s.

Overall, the share of ps5 is more than 40% in both global and European and American markets, with the exception of Japan. Within five weeks of the launch of the sub era mainframe in Japan, the switch sold 564915 (about 565000) units, the ps5 sold 226509 (about 226500) units, and the Xbox series X / s sold only 31675 units.

At present, switch is still popular among players all over the world. Nearly four years after its launch, as of June this year, the sales volume of switch has exceeded 60 million units, which is one step closer to the record of hundreds of millions of sales volume of Wii and nds. And the ps5 starting situation is also quite strong, ps5 can achieve PS4 and even PS2 results still need time to verify.

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