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According to information shared by the parent company of CD Projekt red, cyberpunk 2077 has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide since its launch two weeks ago (December 10-20). In a memo sent to investors on Tuesday, CD Projekt S.A. revealed the sales milestone. It’s a great milestone if you take into account some of the digital / physical refunds caused by the confusion of game sales.

13 million copies make cyberpunk 2077 one of the best-selling games in 2020. However, it won’t make it to the top 50 best-selling titles in history, and CD Projekt Red’s last big game, wizard 3: Wild Hunt, sold 28 million copies on all platforms.

Once the studio fixes more bugs and the game is re released in the Playstation store, “cyberpunk 2077” sales are likely to soar even higher. Sony dropped the game last week and began processing digital refunds for unsatisfied buyers.

From cnBeta read more: CD Projekt Red: Wizard 3 sold more than 6 million sets within six weeks after its launch Group: in Q2 of 2020, US video game consumption will reach US $11.6 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 30% Flickr: the proportion of top ten photos taken by mobile phones in 2017 will exceed 50% valve: steam sales ranking in the third week of December 2019 NPD: game sales ranking in North America in July 2020 ghost of Falklands top newzoo: survey report on global chicken eating players in 2018, office workers will exceed 50% in February 2017, steam platform windows 10 The share of players dropped to 48.77%, and the favorable rate of “cyberpunk 2077” steam was 83%! The number of online players exceeds 900000 time: in 2020, Hades, the world’s top 10 games, takes the top spot. Steam: among us is one of the most popular multiplayer games. Microsoft: by December 2020, the number of PC players of Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020 has exceeded 2 million

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