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From mid December 2020 to mid January 2021, the number of PS 5 TV ads will reach 435.7 million, accounting for 44% of the game industry From is a website that focuses on future technologies, markets and user trends. We are responsible for collecting the latest research data, authority data, industry research and analysis reports. We are committed to becoming a data and report sharing platform for professionals and decision makers. We look forward to working with you to record the development trends of today’s economy, technology, industrial chain and business model.Welcome to follow, comment and bookmark us, and hope to share the future with you, and look forward to your success with our help.

The following is the From mid December 2020 to mid January 2021, the number of PS 5 TV ads will reach 435.7 million, accounting for 44% of the game industry From recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

2020 is really a landmark year for PlayStation. The sale of ps5 is very successful, and Sony will continue this momentum until 2021. According to a recent study, this year ps5 is in the leading position in TV advertising. according to According to the data provided, from the middle of December last year to the middle of January this year, PlayStation accounted for 44% of the advertising display times in the game industry, with a total of 435.7 million times, more than double the number of Xbox second.

Playstation said it will focus on 2021 and ps5, and the TV ads will mainly be broadcast in live sports activities, such as college football, NBA and NFL. Network platforms such as ESPN, ABC and espnu are also targets for ps5 ads.

Xbox TV advertising ranked second, with 163.7 million hits on its four ads. Interestingly, Keanu Reeves’s “cyberpunk 2077” is the most popular game. However, although “cyberpunk 2077” may be the most controversial game in December and even that year, the advertisement may make as much money as “cyberpunk 2077”. Xbox still focuses on the marketing of live sports events.

Nintendo doesn’t see itself as a direct competitor to Xbox and Sony, but it has 159.9 million plays in more than 20 ads, behind Xbox. Nintendo also uses college rugby games for advertising, but it also relies heavily on children for online and family shows, such as the Disney Channel and Nick International Children’s channel.


Read more: gamesbeat& : in October 2016, game manufacturers invested $101 million in American TV ads& : in October 2017, US game TV advertising expenditure reached US $102.3 million : in 2014, the TV game advertising in the United States reached 230 million yuan American TV advertising report in 2019 Surface advertising costs more than four times as much as the iPad : in the first half of 2020, the expenditure of streaming media TV advertising will reach 1 billion US dollars More than one third of American players plan to buy next generation console inside games this year: survey shows that many Japanese users don’t like PS 5 handle changed to x key to confirm VGM: the survey shows that the reservation volume of the next generation host PS 5 accounts for 70% Harris Interactive: the survey shows that the UK players most expect PS 5vgchartz: the sales volume of PS 5 in the first four weeks is 3.3 million units. The Online Resale sales volume of stockx: PS 5 is nearly twice that of Xbox series X. vgchartz: the latest sales volume of the next generation host xsx / S is higher than that of ps5vgchartz in North America 5. Global sales of 2.1-2.5 million units on the first day

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