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Games have replaced music as the mainstream of young people’s culture From The guardian

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According to an article published by the old British media guardian, the income of global video game industry has surpassed that of sports and film industry, replacing music as the mainstream of young people’s culture. The report said that many cultural activities including music festivals were forced to be cancelled, but the games like the Animal Crossing club did not stop and became the social choice of many people in the isolation. Game culture has been in the mainstream for more than a decade, and even many foreign politicians want to win votes through games.

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In 2019, foreign game video producers Pew diepie and LeBron James have the same popularity among foreign young people, and enjoy a high degree of popularity, and have made the headlines. In the spring of 2020, foreign media reported that the annual revenue of the game industry was 139 billion US dollars, which exceeded the total annual revenue of NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL; By 2020, the global game industry’s revenue will reach 180 billion US dollars, an increase of 20%, surpassing all sports and film industries.

At the same time, the game console has become the most discussed product in 2020. Do you remember the long queue of people’s expectations after the release of the iPhone, but it’s hard to find a product? Now the same thing has happened to Nintendo switch and ps5.

The music and fashion industries have also made corresponding changes, starting to produce cultural products inspired by video games. For example, Balencia launched its new products in the summer of 2021 in the form of games.

And in the music industry, there are concerts like Travis Scott in Fortress night. The show attracted 12 million viewers, twice as many as the 2020 MTV music video Grand Prix.

Such a high degree of attention also has its disadvantages. For example, “cyberpunk 2077”, which has attracted much attention, invited Keanu Reeves and a number of well-known musicians. The development cost of the game is as high as 317 million US dollars; The most expensive movie ever, avatar, cost $478 million in 2009, and the cost of game blockbuster is within Hollywood’s budget. With this high-profile publicity, the game is on sale, but many consumers are strongly dissatisfied because of various problems existing in the game. But even so, 13 million copies were sold.

According to statistics, 68% of young people in foreign countries think that games are the most important part of their identity, 91% say that they often play games, and 74% think that games help them better communicate with their friends.

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