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In 2020, the daily active users of epic mall will be 31.3 million, with a year-on-year growth of 192% From Epic Games is a website that focuses on future technologies, markets and user trends. We are responsible for collecting the latest research data, authority data, industry research and analysis reports. We are committed to becoming a data and report sharing platform for professionals and decision makers. We look forward to working with you to record the development trends of today’s economy, technology, industrial chain and business model.Welcome to follow, comment and bookmark us, and hope to share the future with you, and look forward to your success with our help.

The following is the In 2020, the daily active users of epic mall will be 31.3 million, with a year-on-year growth of 192% From Epic Games recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console.

Epic Games recently released its 2020 annual review, announcing that epic mall has more than 160 million users and 31.3 million daily active users, a year-on-year increase of 192%. The highest number of simultaneous online players was 13 million, and the number of active players in December increased to 56 million compared with 32 million in 2019. By contrast, steam reached a new milestone with more than 25 million online players on January 3 this year.

In addition:

In 2020, the consumption amount of players in epic mall will reach 700 million US dollars, and the consumption amount of players in third-party games in epic mall will be 256 million US dollars.

In 2020, epic will send out 103 free games, with a total value of US $2407. More than 749 million free games will be collected, and the average score of all free games will reach 77%.

The following is the full text of the official blog:

Happy new year and welcome to 2021!

A few weeks have passed since the beginning of the new year. As an exciting opening, we announce that epic game mall will send out more free games every week in 2021! For us, 2020 is amazing, growing on many levels. So we are very happy to share with you the details of this year.

Looking back at epic game mall 2020, first of all, we would like to take a moment to thank all our partners. Over the past year, they have helped us bring joy to players around the world. Adapting to changing challenges is not easy, so we thank this community of developers, publishers, players and creators.

Thanks to the community, epic game mall’s user interaction has achieved a historic growth. Now, epic has more than 160 million PC users. Daily active users increased by 192% to 31.3 million daily active players, and the highest CCU this year has reached 13 million (7 million in 2019). The number of monthly active players in December increased to 56 million compared with 32 million in 2019.

The rapid growth of the number of players also brings more time to buy and play! In 2020, PC players spent $700 million on epic game mall, of which the share of third-party Games was $265 million, accounting for 37%. Last year, the playing time of the community of epic game mall also increased by 70%, and the total playing time in 2020 increased to 5.7 billion hours compared with 3.35 billion hours in 2019.

We are also trying to recruit more developers to add their works to the Epic Games ecosystem and put more games on the mall. In 2020, epic game mall will increase from 190 games in 2019 to 471 games. We released 103 free games every week, which is an important part of the online games in the mall. In 2021, we will provide developers with tools for self releasing games in epic game mall to rapidly increase the number of games in epic game mall. We will announce the details of the scheme in the near future.

Look at more year-end results:

The function of real shopping mall in 2020

The wishlist is a feature launched in February 2020, and has been gradually optimized and updated during the year. After that, we released mod support to bring more games supporting modules to epic game mall. In 2020, we have also made numerous visual optimizations on the mall interface, including changes to explore and browse options, and a home page carousel update launched in December 2020.

We also added:

Evaluation of public critics

Self service refund

Support for 19 new currencies

Direct operator billing has been introduced in many countries

Offline login

Performance optimization of bootloader (especially for Mac platform)

More optimized way to browse additional content

Fresh experience information

Game price filter

In places that PC players can’t see, we have also made some substantial changes to the infrastructure of the platform. One of them is our epic game mall developer release tool. Continue to optimize the release tools, so that we have the opportunity to bring more games to epic game mall in 2020. Since the release tool is completed, we expect to launch more new games. Disclaimer: that’s right, we mentioned self release tools three times, because important things are said three times! More games. More choices. More fun.

What will 2021 bring?

Most of this year’s development work centers on opening the mall to developers who want to publish their works on the mall. We want to provide a seamless and smooth release experience for developers who want to launch in epic game mall. In this way, epic game mall users can buy the games they want at any time, and developers can enjoy a fairer share of income.

We will also optimize existing features such as wish lists and achievement systems in 2021. Now we will give priority to releasing more community oriented functions to provide a more personalized experience.

Here is a quick overview of the features we are developing:

Wish list optimization

Renovated social media support

Achievement system

Player profile

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