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In December 2021, Xbox series X / s sold more than 1 million units in the UK

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In December 2021, Xbox series X / s sold more than 1 million units in the UK. Due to Microsoft’s substantial increase in the supply of Xbox series X hosts, December 2021 is the strongest month for Xbox series X / s since its debut in the UK in November 2020.

According to the statistics released by GfK in foreign media GamesIndustry According to the data on biz, among the 560000 game consoles sold in December 2021 (turnover of nearly £ 200 million), Nintendo switch ranked first and Microsoft’s Xbox series X / s ranked second. Compared with November 2021, sales soared by 108%. Sony ps5 fell to third place, but it was still relatively successful, with sales up 28% compared with November.

It is worth mentioning that the milestone of Sony ps5 sales reaching 1 million units in the UK was in August last year, four months earlier than Xbox, and took only 39 weeks. Compared with Sony PS4, it is three weeks faster, making ps5 the fastest selling PS host in the UK.

The following is the UK game software sales list in December 2021 (Digital + physical):

Top ten

1.FIFA 22



4.F1 2021

5. Dance power fully open 2022

6. Marvel spider man: miles

7. Battlefield 2042

8. Mario racing 8: Luxury Edition

9. Baokemeng: crystal diamond

10. Lonely island 6

Read more from 3DMGAME: NPD: Microsoft Xbox series X / sdaniel Ahmad was the best-selling game console in the United States in June 2021: by January 2022, Microsoft’s Xbox series x|s had sold more than 12 million DFC Intelligence: the survey shows that consumers obviously prefer Sony’s PS 5xbox series X / s, and the sales growth rate in Japan is higher than that of Xbox onegamesindustry: Xbox Se in the UK hardware sales list in January 2021 Ries X / s beats PS 5gamingsmart: the sales volume of PS 5 is almost twice that of Xbox series s|x. Microsoft: Xbox series X / S is the fastest selling host of the company. Civicscience: players with lower income have higher purchase intention for PS 5 than Xbox series X. stockx: the Online Resale sales volume of PS 5 is nearly twice that of Xbox series X. Forbes: Xbox series X is the biggest disappointment in the game industry in 2020. Mediaradar: Sony is p The advertising cost for the launch of S 5 is three times that of Microsoft. The number of first players of cyberpunk 2077 steam has exceeded 410000, soaring ign: the survey shows that 53.4% of players can not accept the price rise of next-generation games. In 2021, the sales of PS 5 in India reached 60000, which is 10 times that of Xbox S. Famitsu & GamesIndustry Biz: in 2021, the sales volume of switches in Japan reached 5.3 million units

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