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In November 2020, the new video game hardware expenditure will reach 1.4 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 58% From NPD is a website that focuses on future technologies, markets and user trends. We are responsible for collecting the latest research data, authority data, industry research and analysis reports. We are committed to becoming a data and report sharing platform for professionals and decision makers. We look forward to working with you to record the development trends of today’s economy, technology, industrial chain and business model.Welcome to follow, comment and bookmark us, and hope to share the future with you, and look forward to your success with our help.

The following is the In November 2020, the new video game hardware expenditure will reach 1.4 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 58% From NPD recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: NPD, Game console.

Playstation 5 and Xbox series X were launched last month and set new sales records in November, according to industry tracker the NPD group. But the boom in the next generation of game consoles has not cooled consumer demand for Nintendo switches. Consumer spending on new video game hardware reached a record $1.4 billion in November, up 58% from a year ago, NPD analyst Matt Piscatella said. Growth was driven by the release of Playstation 5 and Xbox. Year to date hardware spending has reached $4 billion, up 34% from a year ago.

As for the best-selling game console of the month, Nintendo and Sony won. Playstation 5 was the best-selling hardware platform among consumers in November, while Nintendo switch led the market in sales. Nintendo switch’s sales hit a record high for 24 consecutive months, becoming the best-selling hardware platform. Playstation 5 is $500 and ps5 digital is $400. Switch is $300 and switch Lite is $200. So even if switch sales exceed ps5, Sony still gets more revenue from hardware. The demand for both ps5 and Xbox series X / S is strong. And if it wasn’t for supply constraints, the two systems would have sold more.

Playstation 5 achieved the highest sales volume and the highest US dollar sales volume of the month when the video game hardware platform was released in the history of the United States. These records were held by Playstation 4, which debuted in November 2013. Nintendo last night released more sales details based on NPD data. It sold 1.3 million switch consoles in November. This brings its sales to 6.92 million units in the United States since 2020. This is more than 426000 units higher than the switch’s sales in the same period in 2019.

From cnBeta read more: NPD: in September 2019, the best-selling game hardware in North America is Nintendo switch NPD: in May 2013, the retail sales of game hardware in the United States was $96 million, down 31% from the same period last year. NPD: in June 2015, the sales volume of game hardware products in the United States was $313.1 million. NPD: the best-selling game console in 2019 is still Nintendo switch NPD: the best-selling console in Christmas 2020 will be switch But not next generation host ign: the survey shows that 53.4% of players can’t accept the price increase of next generation games. NPD: in July 2020, the game sales ranking of North America “ghost to the Horse Island” will reach the top NPD: Call of Duty: modern war will be the top selling game in the United States in 2019. NPD: the sales of American players will reach 7 billion dollars in November 2020 Year on year increase of 35% NPD: in November 2018, the US game sales statistics table “wilderness escort 2” won the championship NPD: it is expected that the sales of switch console in 2018 will exceed ps4npd: in July 2018, North American game report Nintendo switch hardware won the championship NPD: PS 4 is the third largest host with the fastest sales speed in the United States NPD: US PS in November 2015 4 sales exceeded 1.5 million NPD: in November 2014, call of duty 11 became the best-selling game in the United States

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