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After Konami announced in early December that the sales volume of switch’s monopoly game “taotaro electric railway Zhaohe pingchengling and Dingfan” exceeded 750000 copies, today (December 21), Konami released good news again, announcing that the cumulative sales of this game, which has occupied the champion of Japanese game sales list for several weeks, has exceeded 1 million copies.

Different from the previous report of more than 1 million shipments, Konami’s news is the actual sales data of the game, which is equivalent to that since the game was officially launched on November 19, 1 million switch players in Japan have purchased the game.

“Taotaro subway” is a national level Monopoly game in Japan. By combining railway operation with the mode of tycoon, and adding the fairy tale color of “taotaro”, the perfect entertainment effect is achieved. This time “Tao taro subway: Zhaohe Pingcheng Linghe is also the Convention” is the latest work of this series. In the latest series of “taotailang subway”, the latest work of the “taotailang subway: Zhaohe Pingcheng Linghe is also the basic fund”, the players will become the president of the railway company, with the total assets first as the goal to transport the goods of the whole country.

Konami financial report: Q1 profit of 2015 fiscal year was 3.19 billion, with an average daily increase of 45.6% compared with the same period of last year. Konami financial report: Konami revenue was $2.14 billion in fiscal year 2014. Konami users reached 25 million. Pocket game: the world’s 52 most profitable mobile game publishers in 2012: survey shows that 53.4% of players can’t accept the next generation game price increase. Dsogaming: Top 10 PC picture quality in 2020 “Cyberpunk 2077” No.2 Microsoft: by December 2020, the number of PC players of “Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020” has exceeded 2 million ign: the game award nomination “last survivor 2” takes the lead in the game NPD: Sony PS 50% U.S. first launch with the highest monthly sales of host GSD: in November 2020, the sales of game console in Europe and Australia reached 2.35 million 32% year-on-year growth DCMs: UK game industry contributes $3.84 billion in economic value-added in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of 9.1% year-on-year increase of 9.1% in 2020 top 10 popular games tag ranked first mediaradar: Sony spent three times as much advertising as Microsoft for the first launch of PS 5.npd: American players will spend 15 hours playing games in 2020 Up 15% year on year GSD: Black Friday 2020 UK digital game downloads up 50% from last year

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