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The first month of 2021 is about to pass, and the video game industry has not aroused too much enthusiasm in the new release. Foreign masterpieces now have such works as “killer 3”, and the domestic “ghost Valley eight wastes” has also triggered a heated discussion. However, there are still many games waiting for us in the rest of this year, and the expectation is not low. IMDB, an online media data site, recently released the results of a fan survey, showing the most anticipated video game rankings in 2021.

In last year’s IMDB survey, the most anticipated game was cyberpunk 2077, followed by last survivor 2, ghost of Falklands and the marvel Avengers League. As a result, three of the four games were either controversial or disappointing after they went on sale. I hope this year’s list of the most anticipated Games will not become a poison show again.

In this year’s vote, 1507 players voted. Playstation’s exclusive game “ares: Twilight of the gods” has become the most anticipated game of IMDB platform in 2021 with 360 votes. Although the game shows almost nothing at present, only the sequel of the 2018 blockbuster “God of war”, the name and a little trailer alone set off the expectation of the players. Although the developer Santa Monica studio promised to sell it in 2021, there is no trailer and news at present. Coupled with the threat of epidemic situation in reality, it does not completely rule out the possibility of ticket skipping.

No. 2 was still the exclusive Playstation Game horizon: taboo West, which received 199 votes. This is a sequel to horizon: dawn. A Cg Trailer was released in June 2020 and is expected to go on sale in the third or fourth quarter of 2021. In third place was the orthodox sequel to the “island terrors” series, “island terrors 6,” which received 115 votes.

In addition to the top three, several works are “the heritage of Hogwarts”, “biochemical crisis 8” and “Diablo 4”. However, “the legacy of Hogwarts” has just announced the ticket jump to 2022, but “biochemical crisis 8” and “Diablo 4” are still planned for sale this year. The next seven, eight and nine are Knight of Gotham, halo: infinity and Lord of the rings: Gollum.

“Ricky and tinker: separation” ranked 18th, but after the release of the news, the evaluation of this work is still positive. But this list is only for reference. For example, psychic media, which only received 5 votes, recovered its cost three days after it went on the market and got full marks for its ability to attract money.

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