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Compared with other game manufacturers, Nintendo has a long history. Nintendo was founded in 1889 as a card production company. Nintendo launched the Nintendo red and white machine in 1983 and achieved great success all over the world. Nintendo is both a developer and a publisher. Its first game was EVR race, which was released in 1975. With the continuous development of Nintendo in the field of games, Nintendo is one of the most valuable video game companies with well-known IP, such as Mario, legend of Zelda and fairy pockmann.

Nintendo games are popular among young and old people. It has gained a large number of fans all over the world and has a good sales volume. Here’s a list of the best-selling games in Nintendo’s history.

10. New Super Mario Brothers DS – 30.8 million

9. Wii Sports Resort – 33.14 million

8. Tetris – 35.84 million

7. Mario racing Wii – 37.24 million

6. Mario racing 8 – 37.44 million

5. Baokemeng: ruby / Sapphire / emerald – 37.62 million

4. Baokemeng: gold and silver / Crystal

3. Super Mario Brothers – 47.58 million

2. Baokemeng: Red / Green / Blue / yellow

1. Wii Sports – 82.88 million

More reading: Nintendo: in 2013, the sales volume of 3DS games reached 16 million sets, with a year-on-year increase of 45%. Ign: the survey shows that 53.4% of the players can not accept the price increase of next generation games. NPD: since 1995, the best-selling exclusive games in the United States are all Nintendo’s works. Encyclopedia gamia: Top 10 in history, click the game “Space Invaders” to win the championship, and the sales volume of switch in Japan has reached a new high Data interpretation of the sum of the next six models: exotic sports in Wii game console teractive:FM Android Piracy rate 11:1 eurogamer: Top Games in 2020 New year’s day in 2021, steam’s global online population exceeded 25 million. The study found that there was no correlation between violent video games playing in the growth process and the increase of aggressiveness after ten years. YouTube: the most watched game on YouTube in 2020 is “my world”. Steam: the best-selling game in 2020 announced that “cyberpunk 2077” was on the list. Gameinformation: Top 10 developers in 2020 Superdata, the second naughty dog: in November 2020, the revenue of global video game industry reached 11.5 billion US dollars, a record high. Microsoft: by December 2020, the number of PC players in Microsoft Flight Simulation 2020 has exceeded 2 million

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