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Nintendo once again tops the list of Japanese enterprises in net cash From Japanese media

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Today, February 6, Japanese media released the latest survey report “list of rich enterprises”. The theme of this survey is “net cash”, that is, the real controllable funds. Nintendo, which always likes to save money, once again topped the list of Japanese enterprises’ net cash. What is net cash? Net cash refers to the amount remaining after deducting all other expenses, liabilities and cash flow. In financial statements, it can refer to the cash owned by a company after deducting all liabilities.

Although Japan is experiencing COVID-19’s attack, the overall financial situation is stable and optimistic. According to the latest “rich enterprise list” released by the survey agency in February 1, 2021, the old toy giant Nintendo once again rose to the top spot of net cash in Japanese companies.

What is worth mentioning is that among the top 20 super rich enterprises in the list, the game industry only has Nintendo’s list. Although nearly 7 of the enterprises’ revenues are down due to the epidemic situation, the top 4 of the previous list of statistics did not change in rank, and the state of operation was basically not affected by COVID-19.

Since the survey shows that 53.4% of the players can’t accept the price increase of next-generation games eurogame: Top 50 in 2020 since its launch in November 2020, the sales volume of Sony’s PS 5 has exceeded 4.5 million units. Data shows that Nintendo switch has become the most popular game console in history: Super PS4, wiiimdb: the most expected game in 2021 Switch is ahead of Superdata: cyberpunk 2077, the world’s highest earning digital game, will become the highest earning PC game in December 2020 NPD Group & Sensor Tower: the number of mobile game players will increase by 12% in 2020 bilibilibili: annual inventory of station B game area in 2020 Nintendo comprehensive No.6 Amazon: the best-selling video game product in 2020 Superdata: more than half of the Americans turn to video games during the anti epidemic blockade period. It is expected that the sales volume of switch will exceed ps5 and xsx to become the best-selling game console in 2021. Nintendo’s top ten historical game sales volume “super Mario Brothers” No.3 vgchartz: as of December 2020, the total sales volume of NS will exceed 75 million units

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