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People have already spent about $100 billion on baokemeng From Statistics

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According to foreign media CNET, baokemeng is now a well-known game. But 25 years ago, when the earliest “fairy baokemeng red / green” officially landed on the Gameboy platform and made its debut in Japan, people probably didn’t know what it was. At that time, baokemeng might be just a strange word that people overheard, but what about today? Baokemeng has become one of the largest and most famous media brands in the world.

This is not an exaggeration. According to statista, since the mid-1990s, people have spent about $100 billion on baokemeng – making it the most profitable IP in the world, and by a large margin. In terms of dollars spent, baokemeng is more popular than Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Star Wars. Harry Potter and marvel movie universe are not on the same level. All of these IP become the main theme of modern popular culture in the same way: commodity sales.

Each of these highest income IP mainly relies on commodity sales, authorized transactions and retail sales to earn wealth. George Lucas didn’t make his fortune from Star Wars movies, but retained the right to sell goods when fox thought the movie would fail. Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh made millions at the box office – but billions in merchandise sales. And baokemeng covers a larger area. Baokemeng is an invisible and permanent theme in popular culture. That’s why Warner Bros. can make a big detective Pikachu movie quietly.

From the beginning, commodities and brands have been the core of baokemeng. The first batch of baokemeng toys were launched in Japan in October 1996 in the form of soft vinyl finger puppets, packaged as candy. At about the same time, the wildly popular baokemeng trading card game was launched, just a few months after the first game appeared. Nintendo, creations Inc and game freak have known for a long time how attractive baokemeng’s character is.

Before the original game was launched in the United States, Nintendo set up a Volkswagen Beetle team with baokemeng as the theme, driving all over the United States to promote the game. Each car is equipped with a TV, a modified N64, and a copy of baokemeng in the trunk.

When baokemeng entered the international market, Japan has enjoyed baokemeng card games, baokemeng cartoons, baokemeng toys packaged candy, etc. – when baokemeng landed in the United States, it has become a “marketing machine”. Before long, baokemeng became an international phenomenon.

Baokemeng’s commodity sales force is so huge that baokemeng company has to be set up to manage all this. Baokemeng is now a normal and common part of our collection culture, so that scientists really found that baokemeng’s pictures can evoke specific reactions in the human brain.

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