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PS 2, the most famous PS host in the past, ascends to the top From Wen Chun

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Since ancient times, the second generation of games has been strong. It seems that the folk saying that “the second generation is the strongest” has been verified again. Recently, the large-scale Japanese media “Wenchun” released the results of the player’s selection of “the most famous PS hosts in the past” and PS2 reached the top with 44.7% support.

·It is said that when the PS host was born, all players liked and fell in love with Sony, a household appliance giant who has been coveting the game market for a long time. It seems that it is not too much to occupy 36.9% of the high support rate in the game circle.

·With the great success of the first generation of PS game console, the launch of PS2 has completely stimulated the curiosity and expectation of curious players. Not only has the console sales reached the highest level in history (155 million units), but also the “dimensional” level game experience improvement of PS1 has established the strongest statement of the second generation, and successfully reached the top of “the most famous PS console in history”.

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