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I’ve heard that the game console industry is about to disappear for 20 years. Their market scope is very small and very closed. Does it really look like time is running out? But today, we see another upsurge in Nintendo’s switch console, which, together with Playstation and Xbox, paves the way for the development of game console in the next decade. According to omdia’s information, in 2020 alone, players around the world will spend more than $40 billion on content and services of game consoles.

It’s not easy for game consoles to come all the way. They have always been candidates for the end, but why are they still strong? This is because they can still provide an attractive combination of hardware configuration, game lineup and network services. This is a seemingly complex, risky and demanding behavior of steel wire walking to find balance, which is easy to be ignored, but it is developing slowly and steadily.

Ten years ago, the cloud video streaming service was regarded as the killer of game console. But now? Game consoles have become one of the most stable platforms to explore the potential of cloud games, because they have a group of audiences with high loyalty and participation, many of the best exclusive content, and mature mixed distribution methods and business models.

Here are some examples of work dynamics in the host ecosystem:

The key points that game console manufacturers choose in this combination determine their market strategy. But the quality of integration between these elements is the key to success. This is why Nintendo’s switch host is still so popular. Although the hardware software integration it relies on is seriously out of date, it has achieved high-quality integration and the enthusiasm of its audience is still strong.

Although Xbox is defining its cloud / subscription strategy for the next decade, it will still rely heavily on customized hardware in the next few years. The service layer, such as Playstation network and Xbox Live services, has become the “platform”, while the importance of hardware configuration has lagged behind, which was the choice of manufacturers ten years ago. But even today, players are still looking forward to and excited about the $500 mainframe.

What’s unique about game consoles is that they’re different. We can say that it’s abnormal for them to persist to this day, but it doesn’t mean that they are equated with “dinosaurs”. When predicting the future of these products, it has been proved wrong to think that they will be extinct like dinosaurs.

We can see that various technology giants are trying to further cut into the game market from different angles, and have achieved varying degrees of success. However, what they are particularly struggling with is the establishment of exclusive AAA content for the internal platform, despite the huge cost of bringing many studios and talents under their command. The production of the game is difficult and expensive, but its significance is far more than the production of the game, game hosts have a deep understanding of this.

From: omdia read more: ign: the survey shows that 53.4% of the players can’t accept the price increase of the next generation games. IHS Markit: the game console market will reach 47 billion US dollars in 2018. GWI: Xbox one users play games the longest time every day. Steam: 2014 game sales list (07.06-07.12) NPD: 2020 game sales list eurogamer: 2020 game top 50npd: new video game hardware spending will reach US $1.4 billion in November 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 58% DCMs: UK game industry will contribute US $3.84 billion in economic added value in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of 9.1% gamerant: Top 10 most disappointing games in 2020 “Warcraft 3 remaking” selected in “famitong”: November 9-november 15, 2020 statistical report on the sales of game console and game software in Japan: in the first half of 2020, the Japanese console market reached 174.81 billion rentcafe: people living in isolation played 110 hours of games in two and a half months VGC: the sales of switch console doubled in the first half of 2020 ign: the survey showed that 51.4% of them played Home will choose to buy PS 5 host Igea: New Zealand’s video game revenue will exceed US $500 million in 2019

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