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Research shows that switch is the most environmentally friendly game console in the current generation From NerdWallet

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Out of environmental awareness, the public is increasingly eager to find low-carbon products with less environmental damage, and so is the game industry. According to a new study by nerdwallet, Nintendo switch is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly model in the current host market.

Data were collected from December 2, 2020 to January 4, 2021. This study examined the “lifetime” cost of game console, which refers to the expected time for players to retain and use the console before upgrading to the next generation of game console. To calculate the cost of electricity, the researchers measured six to nine years of game and stand-by power consumption, which they estimated as the average “lifetime.”. The study found that switch is the most energy-efficient of all game consoles, and its “lifetime” energy cost is about $143.46.

Switch’s energy costs are far lower than its current competitors, ps5 and Xbox series X. The research shows that the “lifetime” energy cost of xsx is $283.20, while that of ps5 is $234.45. The study also looked at previous generations of home computers and found that Nintendo’s older models also consumed less energy than its competitors. For example, the “lifetime” energy costs of Wii u and Wii are $40.66 and $117.86, respectively. That’s well below the $229.45 PS3. In addition, the previous generation’s PS4 and Xbox one were $292.65 and $363.64, respectively. Finally, the Xbox 360 is $258.26.

This study not only considered the energy cost, but also investigated the price of accessories, games and services for each host, so as to calculate the total life cost of each host. In the end, switch is still the lowest cost host in the current generation, with an average lifetime cost of about $1244.68. Xsx is much higher than that, to $2313.15. The ps5 is the most expensive host, with a total lifetime cost of $2429.69.

Read more from 3DMGAME: game data library: switch Japan sales exceed wii Sales speed is about twice that of Nintendo. Data shows that Nintendo switch has become the most popular game console in history: Super PS4, Wii Nintendo: as of Q3 in 2019, the cumulative sales volume of Nintendo switch host has reached 41.67 million. Nintendo: as of October 2019, the sales volume of Nintendo switch in Europe has exceeded 10 million. In October 2020, the sales volume of switch in the United States has exceeded 730000, ranking the second place in the history of sales volume of switch and PS in October 4. The sales volume in 46 months after the launch is obviously ahead of that of switch. It is expected that the sales volume of switch will exceed ps5 and xsx to become the best-selling game console NPD in 2021: in 2018, the sales volume of switch in the United States will reach 5.64 million, and Nintendo’s global sales volume will reach 79.87 million, which has exceeded 3dsmedia Nintendo: by June 2018, the global sales of switch game console has exceeded 20 million NPD: it is expected that the sales of switch game console in 2018 will exceed ps4npd: in November 2020, the sales of switch game console in the U.S. market will be 1.35 million NPD ranked first for two consecutive years: Nintendo switch NPD is the best-selling game hardware in North America in September 2019: switch is expected to be the best-selling host in Christmas 2020, not the next generation host

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