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The following is the Search volume of “cyberpunk 2077” increased by 426.31% globally From Finbold recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Game console. According to the data obtained, the global search for the keyword “cyberpunk 2077” has soared by 426.31%. The search peak appeared between November 8 and December 5. According to a Google search query, the keyword gained 100 top popularity in the week ending December 5. In the week ending November 8, the keyword’s popularity score was 19. As the game nears its release date on December 10, the popularity of the game is growing.

The data also show the countries with leading interest in cyberpunk 2077 over the same period. Poland ranked first with a popularity score of 100, followed by Finland with 78 and Canada third with 76. The Czech Republic ranked fourth in popularity. The United States ranked fifth with 69 points.

New Zealand ranked sixth with 67 points, followed by Australia with 66 points. Norway and the UK got the same score. Hungary ranked tenth with 62 points.

The researchers explained why cyberpunk 2077 was popular. According to the study:

“The game was developed by CD Projekt red, which has developed another recognized successful game series, the wizard. This has a big impact on the popularity of cyberpunk 2077, because according to the developers’ records, they have created excellent games in the past. “

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