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Since its launch in November 2020, the sales volume of Sony PS 5 has exceeded 4.5 million units

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According to the latest financial report, Sony sold 4.5 million Playstation 5 game consoles in 2020. The data highlights Sony’s ability to mass produce game consoles, which have been hard to buy in the global market since they were launched in November.

In the quarter from October to December, the demand for Playstation 4 mainframe dropped significantly year-on-year, with the shipment of 1.4 million units, down 77% year-on-year. Sony actually sold less PS4 in the holiday quarter than it did in July September.

Sony’s game business as a whole performed much better than a year ago, with revenue up 40% to 883.2 billion yen (US $8.4 billion), partly due to ps5 sales. Operating profit increased 50% to JPY 80.2 billion (US $763.3 million) due to increased game sales, increased Playstation plus subscriptions and improved PS4 hardware margins.

However, Sony also pointed out that the costs related to the listing of the ps5 offset part of the profit, and confirmed that the price of the ps5 hardware itself is lower than its manufacturing cost. The company said it was losing money because “the strategic price of ps5 hardware is set lower than the manufacturing cost.”.

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