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According to Reuters, since December 10, 2019, the sales volume of Nintendo switch of Bank of China represented by Tencent has exceeded 1 million. In addition, Nintendo predicts that in the year to March 2021, switch sales will reach 24 million units worldwide.

According to the relevant data of Niko partners, the shipment volume of switch of BOC has exceeded that of PS4 and Xbox one of BOC in the same period, and Nintendo has surpassed Sony and Microsoft to become the largest host seller in China.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad said that the sales performance of 1 million is more than the sum of Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s X1 in the same period. Switch’s early sales in China were limited by the limited number of games and the new epidemic, but it began to rise steadily with the popularity of fitness ring adventure. Niko partners forecasts that China’s console game market revenue will reach $2.15 billion in 2024.

At present, the Nintendo switch platform of the Bank of China represented by Tencent has 12 kinds of games, such as “fitness ring adventure”, “crown without consideration”, “ash”, “Mario Kart 8 luxury edition”, “super horsepower Odyssey”. The official held six “horsepower go kart 8 luxury” competitions.

The sales volume of Nintendo switch of Bank of China represented by Tencent has exceeded 1 million units. In the future, the official will continue to promote the work to let more people experience the fun.

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