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The most expected PC Game Diablo 4 won the championship in 2021 From Bahamut

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Recently, Taiwan media Bahamut launched a survey on the most expected games in 2021, and voted together to select the most expected host, PC and mobile games for players in 2021. Today (February 3) first announced the voting results of the most expected PC games in 2021. Among them, “seven swordsmen” ranked third, and “Diablo 4” won the championship.

The proportion of male and female players who participated in the most expected PC Game voting this time is: male is the most, accounting for 86%, female is 13%, and cross gender / non gender is 1%; while most of the voting players are 21-30 years old, accounting for 52%, followed by 31-40 years old, and the third is 16-20 years old.

Most expected PC games in 2021

10. Rainbow Six: blockade

Rainbow 6 series is a well-known IP of Ubisoft. In addition to attracting players who like shooting games due to its playing method, its story also makes many players look forward to it. At the beginning of the game, it makes players begin to guess the development of the story. Therefore, many veteran players of rainbow 6 cast a vote of expectation on the questionnaire, and some players expect to “see another look of CAI 6”.

9. Fading light 2

The game of doomsday and zombie theme has always been talked about by players. The announcement of the sequel of “vanishing light 2” has also been highly anticipated by players. The players who cast a vote of expectation mentioned that “vanishing light is very fun, different Parkour playing methods,” vanishing light 2 “has been waiting for a long time”, “like zombie theme games, and the company is very sincere There has always been a generation of “renewal” and so on.

8. Tianming Qiyu 2

“Tianming Qiyu” developed by jiashanlin entertainment has been highly praised since it was released in steam, which makes the development of the sequel “Tianming Qiyu 2” highly anticipated by players. “Tianming Qiyu 1” is based on PC stand-alone martial arts game. The previous work focuses on non single story line, character development, thinking and exploration, and also combines seamless map. From the questionnaire, we can see that many players have played for a generation: “played for a generation, although there is still room for improvement, I feel that the production team has that ambition”, and some players praise this from the experience of a generation Series “domestic single black horse, it’s worth looking forward to”, “when I was playing for a generation, I really like his practice mode and various branch play methods, there are many things to explore!”

7-Fire Ring

“Elden ring” is an action based role-playing game jointly created by the famous game creator of fromSoftware, who has created the best-selling games such as “soul of darkness” series and “Wolf: two dead shadows”, and the original best-selling fantasy novel “song of ice and fire” series author of HBO popular fantasy album “game of Thrones”. After the E3 release in 2019, this work has attracted great attention from the players. It has assembled the lineup of two famous creators, which makes the players look forward to. In the questionnaire, some people mentioned “YingGAO quality assurance”, “YingGAO God’s game must play”, “fromSoftware” Some players who have never played Miyazaki’s game say they are “attracted by the style of this” Elden ring “.

6. RenWang 2 Complete Edition

“RenWang 2” was launched on the PS4 platform in March last year, and will be launched on the PC steam platform in a full version this year. Many PC players are excited by the news. In addition to this part of the game, RenWang 2 PC Edition includes three DLCs, including “the battle of Niu Ruo”, “the legend of peaceful Beijing and the secret history of Taichu Samurai”. It emphasizes that players can enjoy the complete experience of single player and multiplayer games, and supports ultra clear UHD 4K high-resolution, HDR display and 144hz display.

5. 5 random battles: phantom attack

In June last year, when the traditional Chinese version of “goddess strange news 4 Golden Edition” was launched on steam platform, it won overwhelming praise. The PC version of “goddess strange news 5: phantom attacker”, the first action RPG in the series of “goddess strange news 5” developed by ω – force, with the popular “goddess strange news 5” as the theme, won the top five votes in this questionnaire survey.

4. Dream Star OL2: new origins

“Dream Star OL2” has a large number of fans, and Sega announced in July last year that it will launch a large-scale update “Dream Star OL2: a new origin” in 2021, which is equivalent to an independent new work. This has aroused heated discussion among players, especially the new online game is a rare animal in today’s market, which makes many players place high hopes on this work. Some players said in the questionnaire that they are looking forward to this work The main works are “like the world outlook”, “memories of junior high school”, “old players of PSO2, looking forward to a new breakthrough in the game”, and many voting players express similar opinions such as “looking forward to a new MMO”.

3. Seven stories of swordsmen

Since its launch, Daewoo information’s “Legend of swordsman” and “Xuanyuan sword” series games have accumulated a lot of fans, among which “Legend of swordsman 7” is the ninth series sequel, and emphasizes that it is the one with the largest development cost so far. With the blessing of old fans, domestic games, childhood memories and other factors, “Legend of swordsman 7” is expected to be the third place in this vote. Many players expect the Chinese games to continue to improve, and even expect to see the rise of “Legend of swordsman” again.

2. Age of Empires 4

Real time strategy “era of Empire” series has always been a classic in the hearts of players, among which “era of Empire 2” is the most famous. In recent years, in the game environment where there are few RTS new works, this work has been taken out and produced, and even has to launch a series of new works Empire 4, which makes the players who like this type very much look forward to the launch of this work. They also say, “how can we not look forward to childhood memories and classic return?”. In addition to reviewing the classics, we can also look forward to the new waves that empire age 4 will bring when it is launched in the declining environment of RTS games?

1. Diablo 4

Although the series of Diablo is considered by some players not to surpass the classic second generation in terms of the three generation playing method, the latest series of Diablo 4 has nearly doubled the number of votes in this election, and won the top of the survey of PC top 10 expected games, which shows that this series occupies an important position in the minds of many players.

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